Friday, September 1, 2017




Come with me out of this wilderness
and let my heart runneth over with your love
Let’s wonder into the oasis of love
and become prisoners of passion
where our spirits goes into action
and our bodies spin into motion
Let me suck from the tender grapes
of the juice of your affection and love
Let me tap into the memories
of your sweet and smoothing voice
Kiss me with the smoothness of your lips
and remove bitterness from my tears
Make me an ensign of your love ship
and the banner of your affection
Carry me into the laboratory of love
and titrate all the impurities of love within me
Garnish my life with the fragrance of love
Like onion garnishes fried eggs
Come and make my life beautiful
by complementing every ugly things in me
Come and join me on the parade of life like bloody soldiers on parade ground
And we shall forever march on till death do us part


Mr. Right!
Where are you?
I am no longer a teenager
‘Cos am now getting older
I don’t want to be a hustler
However, I’ve become a lone ranger
Without any stable lover
Am searching for a life partner
I don’t deserve a player
Composing text messages and romantic letters
From icon to messengers
Going from Face book to Twitters
Moving from Badoo to blogger
There are no serious partners
Many singles are womanizers
Am not getting younger
Shall I be single forever?


This was not our vision
on the island of love,
This was not our agreement
as prisoners of passion,
Neither was it our decision
in the sky of cloud seven
Nor what we agreed
in the oasis of love
Love once cherished like beautiful red roses
I felt bruised in my hearts
as I stood and silently watched
my heart pierced
like along knife plunged into a wedding cake
Watching my emotions squandered
like a looser in a casino
Fighting endless war of possession
Enough is enough
enough to prodigal love
Oh! My sweetheart.

This is my message to you
My heart is empty,
my soul is wandering
My spirit is panting like a thirsty
man pants for water in war theatre
My life is lonely
Oh, my sweet heart!
Let’s walk the talk
live the vision
and act the dream like
Romeo and Juliet
If it’s true that the world’s a stage?


OLADELE BABAJAMU is a retired Colonel from the Nigerian Army. He has a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Studies from the University of Ibadan. He has written several military books and literatures in different genres. His poetry collections ‘Timeless Verses’ and short story ‘The Widow’s Wail’ are widely read in many secondary schools in Nigeria. His poems have appeared in various anthologies ANA Review, Timeless Voices, Timeless Treasure and Five Hundred Nigerian poets among others. He was the immediate past Chairman of Kwara Chapter of ANA (Association of Nigerian Authors)

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