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When I Was Just a Little Girl, Que Sera Sera
When I was a little girl, there was so much in my brain that I just didn’t understand and or comprehend.
I remember adults talking to me and I would sit there and never answer. I was always scared if I said the wrong thing I would get into trouble.
The day I started writing and reading everything I could get my hands on, is the day I started talking. At last I was free to talk and think what my little brain had held in all those years.
Little ones
Little brains
So much to think
So much to say
One day you write
One day you might
Sing those words of love
Those words that could
Bring your life to fulfillment
To bring you to the position
Of laughter
That seem
To get brighter
That makes you a fighter
Little girl your words of life
And the above Dove
The Lamb of sacrifice
Total happiness
Little girl your words of love
Brings adoration
Of words that sing to your heart
Little girl even goodbyes
Bring total satisfaction
To the many that leave
Friends that drop you
Loves that might have been
Words on the page
Sing to the soul
Secrets to keep
Homes to make
Babies to hold
The words of life
Little girl you bring to mind
With a distant roar
Our words to each other
Little girl
remember death
loved ones
Little girl.... Que Sera Sera
Que Sera Sera


You might not know. My name
You might dismiss me with a look
You might not remember my face
But I am the best that's ever been
You might not see me
Or maybe you will dismiss me
But one day you will look up
And that’s the day I will be gone
A wildflower in the making
Was the sunset that morning
Flowers danced in the breeze
As the blue bloomed in the morning stars.
As sadness circled my troubled head
Tears dropped into my tired chest
Walking into the wind
Crying from my soul that lonely day.
Don't you worry I cried
This is the day; yes this is the day I will die
And life will go on
Forever and ever to no end~


Do you touch the spirit of mine?
I wait and cogitate my love, for you.
The single most stars of time
That we are~

My body was hunched over like precious shards; my secrets were revealed among so many, I sat at the desk looking out the window at the sparkling starry night, the breeze felt good as it brushed my face blowing the curtains in and out. Why can't life be mellow like the curtains, why must there be so many disruptions?
I felt a cold shiver as I looked at the house I once loved.
There was always a mystery to the house; I knew others knew it too.
The man that died in the house that faithful day of June took years off my life. That was a bad day. I could not forget the look on his face, the look of death.
I knew I had to get away.
My once beauty was slipping so fast. I fought it as long as I could. If only I could find the fountain of youth. And find my true Love.
Selling my house and taking off to the beach where I had so many memories, mmmm I was actually starting to feel young again.
On that warm day in July walking in the sand, daydreaming, letting the waves roll over my feet and ankles. I looked up I saw the man of my past dreams;

To know so simply the touch
As I sleep alone
In a broken world;
The molasses air was thick
Slowly shroud in mists
Across the straits
To hear the echoes cry,
Sitting beneath the tree branch to ponder
About My Lord, My Life.
Waiting and looking for faith and hope praying the spirit heals with time.
The tide was flowing in gentle waters, oh Bring my heart home to ponder.
Sitting beneath the branch and pounder with wonder, watching the shores with a favored eye, remembering the kiss of past times;
As the mysteries stir past
Arise to thee dear love.
Oh sweet spirit
Spirit of thine
Keep me safe for thee
As I sit beneath the branch to ponder
And wonder until all of time~
So my darling hold me close
Let me feel your love to me
Touch my hair so gently
Tell me of your lasting love
Wrap your limbs around my form
Tell me sweet things
Before I hear the news
Of the goodbye of long ago;
As I sit and ponder
As I sit and wonder
As I sit and dream of the love of you.
Touch the spirit of mine, one last time~


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