Sunday, October 1, 2017




She swayed passionately,
her feet light, restless,
as the harmonies of
new life caressed every cell
of her being.
The painful mountains of her past
had transcended into colossal
pyramids of divine ecstasy.
Looking back into a river of
radiant hues,
she had become an eternal masterpiece.
Her mind had become her friend.
Her soul had come alive.


I read and I learn,
because my curiosity comes with deliberate questions a man
can never answer.
Because my mind is attracted to the works of those
who had the courage to put onto paper the very words
that ripped their souls to shreds.
I read and I learn,
Because walking on this earth as an educated woman,
reminds me that my personal power is not something I can let anyone undermine,
while my humility recognizes the teachings of masters much wiser than me.
I read and I learn…
for me.
for my gender.
for humanity.


Yes, I can leave, but to what avail?
Where I go, you won't be.
My heart screams the sound of despair
when your memory
takes seat in the torment of my loneliness.
To bear, even one day
the absence of your touch,
shatters my soul to fragments
of numerous deaths,
where breath can no longer reside.
Leaving you is a path I am unwilling to take.
Nest your weariness on my
blanket of truth,
lined with promises of new life.
Mi amor,
Let me love you.


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