Sunday, October 1, 2017



Let night you wear
Bright you, your light
Be fragrance as sandle
And grip with a beautiful smile
Touch her body, as slippery satin
And breathe in yourself,
To her rosary lipstick
As feed you,from your insides !

Also she's waiting for you
That, when will you measure her
Till up and down !

She's in young age and flourished
So, weared black, blanket gown
Not for you, from black shadows
That, anyone can do as… .
Pluck and wrinkle and mash
Outer or inner her life !

So… o bloke! You go
And soothe yourself and herself
Between two machure lips
Bounded with each-other !!
©®surbhi anand !


Love, emotions
Tackle my point
Where's been me,
For make me life while,
Saw… .
On the love way
Waiting some flowers and
Throns also…
Oh! understood
Love has roses and throns blade also
©®surbhi anand !


Loving dose, till paramount thinking
Can't down !
I'm in entincing dress
When his smile blushes,
I'm in scarlet to be !

Randomly, his remembering
Pace with my works
It seems…
I'm not,
He has had laid
On my heart-sheet !!


SURBHI ANAND, i'm from India… I live at Bihar (Ara). I'm young contributing poetess, my birthdate :-19.4.91. I have completed my msc nd preparing for competitive exams. I have multiskills ex--singing, painting, photogenic too. Have been expressing my feelings through stupendous words… I have published my book in hindi and english both. Many journals, Hindi publishers praised me. Poetry is call by my soul… so always shackle with my emotions. 

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