Sunday, October 1, 2017




While enveloped by the Moon and grazed by death
You dream about a far-away shore that is not
Conquered in your absence
I have too little of you,
More than he has me
He who suffers from admonishing longing,
From the jealousy that makes him a beast,
He sharpens his sense of being threatened
And feels the danger like a beast and knows:
You have become the center –
You have sheltered all of me,
You have pulled me into yourself.

You have, like Zeus on Mount Olympus,
Assumed all the power and hidden me.
In vain does he give birth to me like to Aphrodite
I am not where he left me
To be waiting for the promised waking.
And you just turned up suddenly
Like a stray bullet and drove into me,
Anchored in my Soul you radiate devastatingly,
And the removing of the bullet woukl be fatal.

The entire system of existence became distrupted,
Everything was changed hit with that shot.
My blood flow, poisoned, is clotting up
Will I am stumbbing toward myself
To come back to the same road…

And you wandering under the old  walls
To reach the new heights
Do not turn round
For the scene of unbearable emptiness
The abysses of my essence
Will appall you.
Filled with the mercy of the moment
Neither you nor I
Wonted it.


To a Philosopher

So important to me,
You will never understand
Something very simple,
Like the crash of thunder
Emptying the skies,
My violent run after you.

Surrounded by a host of  bodies
Full of  beauty and passion
Inviting you wherever you go,
You did not recognize the thought,
You who descend to the foundations
Did not understand her scream,
And she longed for the echo,
For your confirmation.

You wise, experienced one, full of everything
Like a too mellow fruit,
Did not recognize that it was
The hunger of the Soul for the Other,
The vacuum of a Being gaping
With the incurable emptiness.

You saw the woman and her desire,
The things seen by the ignorant as well,
And you should have
(You know very well what)
Discerned the spirit getting ahead
Squeezed by the matter –
You should have aided it to flash!

And wherever you came
Guided by your senses and mind,
Whatever depths of knowledge you reached
You missed something so obvious.
So important to me –
Were you not because of  yourself,
But because of myself.
My road kept going on.

You were the point of the ascent
From where one can see more,
And regardless of your smiles or silence,
I had to climb up
Deprived of your hands,
Supportedby my own forcse.

The thought I was making you of
Keeps extending, dragging me ahead,
That is the cosmic indispensability,
Like our encounter, determined by it.

You were so important to me –
To the person looking for salvation
Pushed from the abyss of  life
Not into your beautiful face,
To me, an exalted woman in love.

Milica Jeftimijević  Lilić


You were disasters that carries all before it.
The storm that tore all ties with the past,
Abyss from which they may not raise,
Coma from which I did not want to wake up.
You were my undulating blood that is bright
I blindly dragged me to the distances.
You were my deepest connection to myself.
I've been the one who forgot himself.

You have become my darkness
And my constant shall
I emptied my  essence
And my unquenchable thirst
And my despair
I and my enlightenment
My whole day prayer
endless screen  in mind
as intrusive flashing
I can not close my eyes
but I do not see this
I can not find the sunset
even in the deepest sleep
wherever you look
yet everywhere you
all persons have your face,
All scenes are lost
under the influence of your character.
everywhere glowing
These indestructible images of longing,
This dangerous ditch your aura.

It was the last horizon
to climb
I stayed my my my,
My deepest suffering.



MILICA JEFTIMIJEVIC Privacy, born in 1953. in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia. Master of the philological sciences, vice president of the Serbian Writers Association, Board Member The association of Serbian writers, free artist, a collaborator of many literary magazines. Until recently she was editor of complex projects in Radio Teliviziji Serbia. She is a member of the jury awarding more poetry, prose, and awards for literary criticism. Published the following books: "Dark, deliverance, " Land Forces , Vrsac, 1995 (poems), "Hibernate", Land Forces, Vrsac, 1998. (song), "Summary of the case, " Prosveta, 2002. (story), "Itinerary of the skin", SKZ, 2003. (song), "The Poetics of foreboding" "Literary Society of Kosovo and Metohija" (literary criticism), "bewitchment", "Panorama - Jednistvo", Pristina, 2007. (poem), "Epistemological Lighting", "Little Nemo", Beograd, 2007, (literary criticism), "realization in the coil, " Literary Society of Kosovo and Metohija and Raska School, 2010. (song). Poetry and criticism as it translated into English, French, Russian, German, Hungarian, Turkish, a Macedonian, Italian, Arabian, Greek, Chechoslovachian, Romanian  and other languages. He has won national ande intenational  literary awards: Gregory Bozovic ";" Lazar Vuckovic, "Kondir Kosovo girl ", "Fiery Dragon Wolf", "poetic Charter", "Bronze Orpheus.",  Gold ring, Rosette world literature, Citta- del Galeto,Medaglia di Neron, Naaži Najman..She lives in Belgrade in Serbia

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