Sunday, October 1, 2017




I approach you softly, quietly as I can
so as not to alarm you all the more
your head's downcast, you don't see me on the withered grass by the shore
your feathers droop a little
but still shine the deepest sheen
your wings limp on the heather
a dark and glossy green

You still scan for predators
although you're tired and weak
as you spot me approaching you
a cry emits from your beak
Still you stay there motionless
I take you gently in my hand
you seem to trust my reason
you just seem to understand

I remove the string entangling you
now you are happy and at ease
your dark eyes hold a radiance
you take flight in the breeze
I watch you fly off freely
it is a thing of joy
I hear you call out to me
a thrilling freedom cry


I'd been dead for far too long
my soul smothered, lost it's voice
thrown on to the ground like Saul
only then I found I had a choice

The person that I had been
wasn't me no more
my spirit lifted with me
when I got up from that floor


A band, blade, deep water, tablets
between life and death
intention to cease living
marked along her neck

All possessions given away
contemplating the escape
substances don't even numb
the aching hopelessness

No emotion, no appetite
not saying much
totally covered in blankets
wanting to be underground

All words are now useless
sun doesn't reach the room
where a broken mind's in a tunnel
devoid of everything



  1. These are very strong and full of feeling. I think they would work better if the bird one came last so the trio ends on a note of hope.
    Very brave. ��

  2. Thank you so much dear Olivia....yes I usually try to end very dark poetry with a note of hope but this time decided to leave the poem on suicidal feeling stark to reflect the stark state... I agree that it's always important to try have a note of hope xx