Friday, June 1, 2018




I thought about you last night
and this morning
How much you've been through
the trials ,    tribulations ,   obstacles
all the things we consider    that ruin peoples lives
Sometimes I see you as           unsinkable
but I know that weight of        pain
where you were so low    with its gravity
you      thought you    would never rise again
and the words   we use    to explain
the resilience             the buoyancy
where you have emerged
from the cocoon you swathed yourself within
to fly again
like some resurrection from the dead
where we find our hope
where one can see that evanescent being
whose nature is to allow
all things to pass away     discarded
as only lessons             and learning
their true meanings
how stretched      we are
and then return           to our
original estate
the one so many throw away
and the ones who never get up again
even when others are holding them         closely

Mankind     definable by      judgments
indefinable   transitory   elusive

He sinks     then springs up     rises
like some hidden fountain     was buried
in his inner being

I love this person
when you thought they
could bear no more
by all reckoning
ceased to exist          as whole
this geyser of steam             rolls out
all hot    and ready     to take
on the world again
COPYRIGHT © June 2015
C  Michael Miller


When you want to master Love

and for its              understanding yearn

where can you turn                   to find

its instruction completely learn

What qualities of personality

how can we             them perceive

the development      of  its attributes

and its teachings        in depth receive

All of its traits and character

when displayed                  be plainly seen

all its actions     words and deeds

to be realized               in mankind’s being

When you seek                for her as silver

and for its prize          sell all you own

when you know that              it is priceless

the only place        you can call home

Whatever             mankind has treasured

and the things     that they value

can never fill                       its purchase price

can only be a gift          that’s given you

All mankind                has sought its face

an unfulfilled         obsession

no money or wealth             can buy her

or make her       your possession

The things                     contained within her

are surpassing      excellence

more purified         than refined gold

reflects                         loves exceeding brilliance

She is the master setting

her attributes                    Divine

an     exquisite master crafting

and faultless                      by design

She is               the perfect partner

to the lawgiver   and judge

those made fit       to rule the nations

will from their tenets          never budge

She is forever                Faithful

Her loyalty        always True

inestimable     is  her Value

God made                 this gift for you
1John 4:6-11
ICor 13    Gal 5:22-25
Apocalypse 21-22:7


As I bow in heartfelt genuflection
to think upon the Greeks
who divined four words
for Love and it’s reflection

Agape is the highest form divine
with selfless care for those who are mine
It’s fruit is known by what I do
and building all the parts of you

phileo is brotherly affection
the natural friendship and it’s connection
storge the love that resides in family
within instinct and it’s propensity

Eros seems to be most appreciated
never have I found it one who’s hated
Two sides to Eros have manifested
both sides has mankind ever tested

Lust and the table of the self
or love of mate and pleasure in it’s wealth
All of us has been given this in measure
the dispensing of it can give us pleasure

But rapture is contained when all four live
when we with complete heart choose to give
all of us the truth within resisted
but knowledge of it ever has persisted

to teach us which we are to exercise
the breath of spirit which within us lies
will direct upon us our course and path
and when we pass love is our epitaph

1John 4:7-12

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


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