Friday, June 1, 2018




Driving my way on the valley of ascending zigzag road
Brighten by the glittering stars above the white gray clouds
I was tempted by the overlooking gleam of assorted city lights
I dropped by, wanting to savor the cold breeze of that night

I listened my speaking heart if she has something to say
She was just observing, silent, smiling yet empty
But I didn't understand why she was feeling so blue
Seems there was lacking in her in which I just didn't know

I looked up the sky wanted to share my sighs in heaven
I was waiting for the answer why my tears were falling
I was reminded there is one star you called after my name
I asked myself is that the most amorous to me comforting?

I wish I could really be the star you named Helen
Even though it sometimes appears and it sometimes doesn't
Yet it gives you a spark never ends even of its absence
Couldn't be erased by time like stars never stop its existence
Copyright@Helen Sarita


Upon watching the innocent silent water on that rocky river
I paused to contemplate what life wants to bring me over
I was unhappy, uncontented like them and many others
Keenly I observed life, thinking how to make things better

My thoughts flowed like a lonely cascade of a scarce stream
I wasn't equipped to conquer such dearth, unto me came
There were lot of hindrances that barred along my way
There were lot of questions like why does pink turns grey

Life had to go on and diligently it has to be learned
Promising and exciting as it went on, in our breath it blends
There were times we had a roller coaster emotions
We rode its uncertainties and it's ups and downs

Then one time my heart delved me to places I never expect to be
I stumbled, I tried to rest from shouldering the cross I carry
I danced wild with the rocking music of this world
I became unselfish and let myself float in a high cloud

My life became chaos, I had nowhere to go and no one to run
Except to the welcoming God waiting for me to come
I put everything to Him.. and with Him, I offered my life
As I paved to continue my journey, in inspiring others I glide

Love in our hearts is the main ingredient to be happier
We only live once in life let's  make our lives worth living
I believe trust is what the main thing to make life becomes better
Forgiveness is what we need so that peace within be found again

Look at me now.. smiling with my peaceful heart
In life, I will be forever thankful and truly be glad
Loving and hugging all my friends and kissing their pains
Whilst in devotion of my mindful and sparkling colored pens
Copyright@Helen Sarita


A woman with a proficient vision, who believes nothing is impossible, she drives her life and maneuver into the best direction yet sometimes she falls.

She doesn't mind difficulties along her way, she is not scared of a visiting storm, come what may.

She is brave. Her name once used to name  a storm. With her aggressive courage, sometimes she stumbled.

But never she allows herself to get down for long, she will rise back and battled for more.

She loves without limit, and she never surrender love  until love itself losses it's own breath.

She is very committed, in standing her words she is more than good, she's proven in better and in worse.

She smiles with tears in her eyes. She has vigor even she is tired, she is curious what are the other tastes of the world.

She winks to the demon's eyes. But torch was thrown to her from the splendid skies. Alas! In darkness she became a light.

She is human, yet she knows control of the flapping of her wings when she flies,  she is a woman that even her flaws she never hides.

She is brave to tell the world, she has been saluted.. she has been followed as she carry her courage to speak the truth.

Her imperfections made her pure, her emptiness made her full, she embraced lessons of growth.

She gained faith from her mistakes. She became a woman of wisdom and strength, she is just such a blessed.

She wonderfully made her life as she traveled from East to West, she became matured as she aged.

Her eyes is full of passion, even she's not talking, her eyes tell the sincerity of her feeling.

She is so valued by her friends dreaming to have her kind of strength that made her moving, she inclined to inspire more, she shared the battles she won.

She touched more hearts, there is hope as the days pass. She is now a reflection of beautiful angels, to whom she flocked with, soaring together..

So rise up beautiful ones, face the world like her. She'll  dance like angel, walks like an amorous star in heaven, come be in!

She sprinkled glittering lights of gold...she has a substance when she talks. She is a woman of hope..
She is now in many thoughts.
Copyright@Helen Sarita


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