Friday, June 1, 2018




You are the pearl growing
Wherever you are will be in my dream
Never you cheat it as long as i put my eyes on
That you are really the stem i am stuck

Never i miss you away from
For it is a natural fact that might be
Since you are the fuel of thy heart
Never be forgotten till to die

In my verse,you are the rose
Never be forgotten till to die
Though the sea will be dried
And never the light be put off

You look like flower in my dream
For whom i address the love
Which may not be thrown away
Though the drizzling never stops

My heart is in sight
Flows under water hills
Never stops all days and nights
My my love be there always


You are the one whom in the love
As long as this world is for ours
That the leaves will be smiling to gaze
Since your love is mine
As i utter you are the fuel of thy heart
To give a lighting all nights and days
Though the sky is so dark
But it never makes thy love fade away
That what it strikes in thy heart
Where as it has stuck my flesh
That never be forgotten till to die
As the sea which is going to be dried
In the top of mountain i speak
That you are really the point of thy life
To bring a light brightening the window of lives
Whereas this world be a witnesses
To acknowledge you and i are in the flower of spring
Never be separated till to be in the silent land
As long as the breath in the flesh
That the love be in the white as white thy skin


Let's have a hand in a hand
That friendship is a pearl of life
Only a kind heart be in yours and mine
Others no except the moon light
Which has a heart to provide
What should I do?
Everything is a gold for mutual understanding
If not, the love among others will not be there
Let's have a hand in a hand
As long as this world be in ours
For creating happiness
That might not be found easily
And it will be smiling like moon in the night
Though it is too dark
The lighting will enlighten us to dance
Let's have a hand in a hand
As far as it can be run
As long as the breath be in the flesh
Friendship for the verse be like golden daffodil
Which has been spread under the hills
Whereas the love among be drawn
That's the precious be needed for all


The only thing i worry about is the earth
As a basic need be drawn in the lives
That makes all be in trouble some
No cloud will be able to cover
Since the nature be a mother of love
Let the earth be happy to shoulder
Everything would be alright to solute
Because of dignity,humanity and solidarity
Keep togetherness be a golden in lives
That brings peace among
Hope for the next future will be bright as the sun shining
Though this world is a fantastic
Never be drawn in a dream
It is a fact, should be gazed up to the end
Because life is just only for a while
No days to be waiting, let's go ,,,let's go


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