Friday, June 1, 2018




The ribbon of your love is woven around me.
Its deep driven in the emphasis of we.

The heart knows no bounds for the affection we share.
May come any mayhem lest I care.

Emotions crystallized in my bosom trickle and gets bare.
Whenever I find thee in dire situation thy fare.

The sky starts pouring as millions of thoughts echo in my mind.
I smile shyly as the sweet memories rewind.

The pitter patter of rain falling on the roof.
The drizzling drops confining, makes me aloof.

Inhaling the earthy smell of the rain soaked night.
With you in my thoughts, everything seems upright.

Soaked in the intoxicating aroma my soul experiences the bliss.
Endearing tranquil moment of feeling the peace.


Every silent thought
Prayers for you
In and around the
silent zone
Me and you
Heartbeats intermittently entwined
As I can feel thy heartbeat
I'm sure so can you
That weeps in effulgence
Credentialed by morons
Names ingrained in souls
Eternal it is
Affectionately seeking the
warmth of togetherness.
Coherently expertising the bonding of
two ecstastic souls.


The starlit sky.
Staring blankly.
Clouds hovering,
omnipresent around.
Though it is,
placid calm night.
Cool breeze blowing,
soothing to the skin.
Still it's incinerating,
cindering inside.
Trees nod in affirmation.
Darkness perceives.
Devoid of the serenity,
bosom feels heavy.
Stuck in contemplation.
Time stand still.
Futuristic dilemma.
Appetencies encore.
Persistent now.
A void;
that's configuring
in silent zones,
deep within.


MADHU JAISWAL  is a bilingual poet who is born and based in Kolkata (India). She is a homemaker who found her passion in writing. Her poetries and short stories have featured in various anthologies and e-zines. Madhu is a compassionate and friendly person who believes in humanity and volunteers for the cause. Her write-ups shows a vivid imagery of life's enthrallments and nuisances.