Friday, June 1, 2018




In a landscape
snowed in by silence
letters cards photographs
circle like autumn

On a steep green meadow
hung between heaven and earth
under a singing sycamore
under a silver willow
blue Pegai
listen to poems of Podkarpacie poets
about Przyboś

The wind blows away
Poet’s favourite words
his letters and notes
names of towns and states

A wild little apple tree
flourishes with shouts
and violin music
from Niebylec to Tyczyn

Uta paints the rye heritage
of this land
bright as June dawn on Patra
hide fate’s secret
in dark pupils
Father’s Brothers
trusty and smiling
open book pages
and windows full of light of wisdom
Further relatives are in distant fogs

We all enter
into a landscape full of blue ink
We all know what is difference
doubt denial heresy

because of this reason
we try not to forget important laws
commandments names lighted paths
valley colours Uta’s remembrances
and the green of the trees
from Zabłyszcz paintings


Blue dome of the sky
Fires up July afternoon
San river on fire
unwraps its bends and burning horizons

River silence
like fog of limitless dawn
emerald river hum
onto the sun hills
and all the space blooms
with golden apple tree

This river
framed with its own unrest
with your voice and mine
keeps rolling landscapes
like wheels
into green into sapphire
into crimson into white gold

on a steep cliff
town lights
like far star
church towers
and gates iconostases
from old Othodox churches
like Russian echo
into sung prayer
of the castle hill

a train in motion
passes dusk afterglow

to Józef Chełmoński


I never forget those paintings
those speeding shouting
crossing the steppe
threes fours
ravaging wolves
excess of life
when the sleigh
rushes towards winter abyss of the evening
and the drive means drunkenness
and the drive means life


Winged peewits majestic cranes
skittish moorhens white swans
roll the sky through another century
and now
welcome sun and dawn
and spread the coming brightness
into pink haze


Neighbouring marshes
host a kingcups meadow
and spring spreads
in cloud deltas

Sun gold multiplicity

and fiery meadows of flowers flow
all the way to the horizon

they mirror their image of their frail repetitiveness
like goddesses
in marsh water mirrors

And we want to pick them
like Monet’s
and Barbara’s water lilies
from distant days and nights

above waters sunk in silence
two birds circling
charm the beauty
of that spring day
and of the world that is passing by right now


MIECZYSŁAW ARKADIUSZ ŁYP –A poet, literary critic, editor, photographer. Born in 1947 in Radomsko. He is a graduate of the WSP Rzeszów and Postgraduate Military Psychology Academy in Warsaw. During the studies he was a member of the editorial group “Prometej” and a juror of the National Poetry Market for the Prometheus Laur. He was also the organizer of the first One Poem Tournament for the prize of Philology Department Dean and Open Doors Action for secondary school students in Rzeszów. He has been interested in the literature of war and occupation. In 1990 he founded Rzeszów Military Painting Gallery at Military Psychological Centre. The gallery popularised culture and art of Podkarpacie among soldiers, recruits, personnel and army’s civil staff. Since 1993 he is the publisher of annual Landscapes (Krajobrazy) and since 2000 the editorial series “The Poets of Carpathian region”. He also supervised publishing two booklets of Artists of Carpathian Region (2000, 2004). Since the year 2003 he has been the academic teacher of “Polonus Centre” at Resovian University. He published monograph Literary Youth of Rzeszow 1945–1990 (Rzeszów 1990). He is also the author of poetry On the paths of memory (Rzeszów 2005), Ars longa, vita brevis. (Rzeszów 2008), Genius loci. (Rzeszów 2009), In the land of golden music. Impressions from Futoma. (Rzeszów 2010), Orbis pictus. (Rzeszów 2010). Panta rhei. (Rzeszów 2012), Stained Glass from Futoma. (Rzeszów 2012), Christmas Eve Poems (Rzeszów 2012), Fare lights of  Radomsko (Rzeszów 2013), Collected Poems (Rzeszów 2013), Enchanted in linden (Rzeszów 2013). He is a member of Polish Writers Association in Rzeszów (1993), co–founder of Rzeszow’s Friends Association (1987), the president of the artistic association “In Wislok’s Valley”(1998), and a member of the Photoclub Authors Association in Warsaw (1997). He is also an artist photographer. He is a double laureate of the “Golden Pen” award (1992, 2010), Resovian Governor Award (1992, 1995), and the City of Rzeszow Award (1995). In June 2012 he was awarded the Podkarpackie Voivodeship Board Award for the lifetime achievement in the arts as well as protection and promotion of culture. Twice he was awarded the third prize of Agan Poetry for “A wreath of acanthus” (2010, 2011), Bydgoszcz (2012) Grand Prix. In the ninth edition of the International Poetry Competition “Dream about Carpathia 2012” he got a special award of authors environment and the local authorities of Municipality and Town Piwniczna–Zdroj. He won many awards and distinctions in Warsaw, Barcin, Leszno, Skamielna Czarna, Nowy Sącz, Piwniczna Zdrój. Mieczysław A. Łyp is also the inspirer and organiser of the song poetry concerts based on the poetry of Carpathian region artists. Photographic achievements of Mieczysław. A. Łyp are of no less importance. As a member of Photoclub Association in Warsaw he is a titled photographic artist. He has more than 51 individual exhibitions in his output and several national presentations in collective exhibitions (Warszawa, Kraków, Gliwice, Rzeszów, Łańcut). He has published three photographic catalogues. Year 2011 is the time of presentation photographs from the journey to Turkey. 2012-2013 is the period of cooperation with Jacek Kaszyński, a photographer from Radomsko, author of works published in “Far Lights of Radomsko”. It is also a period of his own photographs preparation for the poetry booklet about Radomsko and work on photographs for “the Collected Poems”. In 2012-2013 also most of the photographs connected with Marek Twardy from Futoma works were created. He is the President of Rzeszow Branch of Polish Writer’s Union since 2015.

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