Friday, June 1, 2018




If a kiss is carved on your cascade like hair
that’s fragrant with the scent of jasmine flowers
It's a signature of love so pure to feel secure.

If a pair of moist lips touch your forehead
which is lined with worries unsaid
It's undoubtedly the balm of relief so sacred.

If a kiss quivers on your blue eye ocean
which is full of pain unspoken
It's a promise of a sweet dream of blissful heaven.

A tremor of kiss on your luscious lips
that are as lovely as rosy petals
Is the mark of Divine passion so special.

A smooch on your sleek cheek
that blushes like a rose so pink
Is a kink of an affectionate heart's link.

If a kiss is carved on your fingers
that are as lovely as golden champa flowers
Is a mark of trust, admiration and complete surrender.


We broke up in the forest of friendship
When leaving me alone with the bears in hardships
You climbed up the tree of social status
You proved to be selfish my baby faced Brutus!
But I promise I’ll never leave you alone
Our bond will be that of the Betal and Vikram
I know you hug like a bear or python
To crush and kill with boundless affection
But I’m not less than a superb fighter
though you’re more skilful and cleverer.
It’ll surely be a battle of champions
Now I can digest your deadly poison
I can’t be mesmerised by your glassy unwinking eyes
Rather I will tire you with my swift dodges
With your sharp fangs when you tear my soul
I learn to be bold and bear everything without growl
I learn to fight without any shield
When you slaughter my feelings in life’s battle field
You wish me to cry like the raining sky
But I learn to beat the storm and fly high and high
Beyond the horizon tearing up the sky
To strive hard and never let my zeal die.
Believe me, your frenimity is sweeter than honey
that makes my life pleasant and sunny.
I’ll preserve this treasure in the secret chamber of my heart
Till death I’ll never take the risk to part.
I’m proud of you my frenimy, my Life,
Without you I can’t move forward a single step.
You’re my friend-cum-enemy-cum-laudable teacher
You promise me to continue fighting with me forever.


Anxiously I lifted the receiver
With a hope to listen to your core
And speak out mine and many more
But my voice paralyzed, my words froze
When I felt your deep sighs on my cheek so close
Your words lost their way
I couldn't but say " good bye".


Mrs NAMITA RANI PANDA: (M.Phil English,M.Ed) is from Sambalpur district of Odisha, India. Now she works as Vice Principal in Navodaya Vidyalaya, Cuttack, Odisha,  under the Ministry of HRD, Deptt. of School Education and Literacy, Govt. of India , New Delhi. Her poems are highly acclaimed in many national and international journals. The main themes of her concern are social injustices , love and issues relate to life. Her two published anthology of poems are Blue Butterflies and Rippling Feelings.

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