Friday, June 1, 2018




carrier of mystery
smiles to herself
she sees the universe  enclosed in a droplet
she is a priestess
guarding the gates between the worlds
and she is the gate herself
chosen by a soul
what's going to come back to her?
it is in her but it is not her
it feeds on her blood
but it gives her pure light
from which love will flow
the purest in the world


you taught me to be faithful to my dreams
because they gave us wings
in your garden full of old-fashioned flowers
I found the land of  fairy tales
the old well seemed to be a passage
to the secret kingdoms
there were laughing elves in the raspberries
your beneficial presence was extended
and illuminated with your loving eyes
and no tears were seen in them
Under your care the flowers were blooming
the touch of your hands nurtured the cherries and pears
and our fretful hearts rushed to you
you were a quiet harbour - a safe haven
where a lighthouse on a rock
indicated the  way home
when the parks suddenly cut the thread of your life
everyone dispersed - for  all the world like scared pigeons

sometimes I think that the large crowd
of delighted angels surrounds you


every day I make
from astral and silvery flour
the bread of my everyday life

I neither think about the field
on which the grain grew
nor about a man who sowed and collected it

I think about all dreams
and hopes which I had
before my dream closed my eyelids

and about all mornings
in the tickling laughter of the sun
what was the leaven for my bread

wherever I am  I carry it with me
hands move in the same prayer gesture
the air moves around my body
bubbles of happiness swell

and later I sit at the table
and I break it with my sons
wherever they go
they will take it with them


JOANNA KALINOWSKA, says about herself, that she was born under a wandering star. She, as a child (a daughter of an officer), often moved from one place to another. These constant changes taught her the openness and the willingness to meet new people and places. She spent many years in Poland. Sixteen years ago she moved to Italy. She has always been writing but she publishes now. Her book “Ascoltando Azzurro –Wsłuchana w błękit” was written so that people who speak different languages can express the same feelings. Three volumes of her poetry were edited and her poems were printed in various anthologies and magazines. She writes and publishes in two languages, both Polish and Italian. She loves these two countries. They are her homelands. She arranged “The Amici Italia-Polonia Association”. Its headquarters there is in Taranto — the city where she lives and works. She is a teacher, but she actually works as a translator and an activist of the Polish community. She is a member of the Warsaw Association of Literature’s Translators. Joanna works for the Italian literary-cultural group “La Vallisa”, too. She also cooperates with magazine of this group. She is the initiator and organizer of many cultural and social events.

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