Friday, June 1, 2018




Unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of relationship,
Sailed he into the sea with the waves of platonic love.
Naiad allowed him to bend forward and take a dip.
Unprepared to tarry, moved a willing horse with a flip.

Unruffled by a cock and bull story,
Trotting towards his destination.
Ready to meet the heart-throb of passionate lover,
Ignoring the hum and haw restricting his strong fascination.

All set to wear his heart on his sleeve,
Muddling through a mug’s game.
Not giving a fig for his position and fame,
Enchained by ecstasy, undisturbed by shame.

Stealing a look   into her deep dark eyes,
In short order he held her soft hands.
His swooning love forced him to get down to be an infidel,
And be a part of the happy band.


How should I stop myself from taking a leap in the dark today?
The amiable dawn is dressed up to the nines.
Whispering the songs of   love   through pines.
Is it right to be hard on someone on this promising day?
Behold the clarion call of nature and make up leeway.
I refrain to move ahead without your thoughts and memories.
If I choose to move alone I will either be sad
Or guilt ridden that why I failed to gauge your expressions.
My mind is filled with suspicion and query.
I should have mustered some courage and not seemed wary!
My spiritual temper warned me against crying aloud,
As it would disturb the fairies over the purple clouds.
I carve a wonderful world of   words, fantasies and imaginations.
Far off from gloom   and filled with fascination.
Cool breeze whistles over the slumbering morn and embraces my sigh.
Millions of thoughts inconspicuously muddle through explosion drenches.
Marching   towards me leaving the world   of chaos and sorrow.
As I stand at my window to greet a new tomorrow!


Far far away in a hilly region,
Dwelt there a lass with a deep recessed vision.
Drawing from the nature adjunct pleasure,
Through youthful spring wandering in leisure.

Gloating over the comeliness of the setting sun,
Endorsing the crimson joy of seas.
Relishing the humming song of bees.
Crossing through the shades and spiky grass,
Ennobling the essence of her fun .

Frisking on the banks of the river,
Taking snappy steps, spangling with a quiver .
Scrutinizing  the birds, retreating home in urgency,
Challenging the setting sun with doting frequency .

Savouring the gust of wind,
Bewitchingly she shined.
Strolling ahead with a phlegmatic mind.
Celebrating the concomitance of nature,
Quite oblivious of her future.

O’Dear  Nature, how beauteous are you!
Consecrate souls to drink from your fountain are few.


MEENA MISHRA is an award winning   author, poet, short-story writer, social worker, editor and an educator .  Her poems, stories and book-reviews have been published in international journals and magazines. She is recipient of several prestigious awards viz  poetry writing, story writing, essay writing ,elocution, debate, singing, best magazine, best class teacher, best speaker and many more. She has also received the Principal’s Award and Agnitia, for outstanding contribution in the field of education.  She has written a novel “No, I Don’t Love You” for creating awareness amongst the youth against online chatting. She has conducted various workshops on poetry appreciation for students as well as adults. She is  an active member of Mumbai English Educators’ Team and was invited by the Education Department of Maharashtra to be a part of The Review Committee for the new English text book . She is invited as a judge for various literary competitions. Her poems are also published in the prestigious magazine “Woman’s Era.” She has been a contributing author and poet for more than a dozen anthologies. She is an International Coordinator and leads the  British Council activities in her school.  She is  a dedicated teacher, teaching English, at Dr. S. Radhakrishnan International School (Malad), Mumbai. Recently her autobiographical book, “The Impish Lass,” and another book, “Oops!” (A collection of short stories edited by her) has been nominated for National Honour Book Award. Her contribution to the field of education and writing has received acclamation by the esteemed newspapers - Times of India and Mid Day. The book launch of her recently published book, “Emociones Infinitas,” a collection of poems got covered by Times of India’s NIE and

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