Wednesday, April 1, 2020




Water, indispensable fluid
And vital resource! in all our
Existence and of those that will come.
Responsible river water
To transform the landscape.

Clear, transparent, pure
That flows and flows when sliding
Between the rock and slope of
The mountain melting
Of the winter snow.

Water to drink, for
The irrigation of crops,
Industry and livestock,
From the lakes and fountain
Power of the dikes.

Soft and rich water
Blessing of the Lord!
What would happen to us
If it wasn't!
Water, it's like telling
To the river, the lake and the sea
What is the water?
Water vital resource
Of all existence
And blessing from the Lord!
 (Of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina)  
All Rights Reserved

What Is Peace?

Peace...! It´s to live with love and in a world
No hate; without lies or deception;
No resentments or rivalries or
Selfishness; without weapons or bombs or wars...
Peace...! It’s to be able to hear the bird's trill
And music without disturbances that alter the
Exquisite sounds; is to sleep knowing that,
You will study and work quietly without frights...
Peace...! It’s that you can daydream
In what you love most in life and dream
Resting in loneliness and darkness
Of the long nights in calm and tranquillity...
Peace...! It’s that tomorrow and every sunrise
There is an end and a reason to live; what’s wrong
Food in your cupboard every day
And feed your family; and the main thing to live
And walk on the only road that should exist...
What is the Peace and Love of all mankind!
(Of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina)  
All Rights Reserved


Different, high and low sounds,
Soft and strong, intonations and waves
Soft and sharp very toned.
Compasses contouring
The movements of the music
That accompany.
The beauty and joy that come together
So wonderfully
They feel in all their splendor.
Pentagram and treble clef
They open the song.
White, black, eighth, sixteenth,
Fusas and semifusas are ordered
As the musician appointed them,
According to the composer
That gave the letter the subject in question.
The musicians to the song
On the piano keyboard,
On the ropes and on the wind
They complement the singer
Making lyrics and music
In all its glory.
As if a beautiful flower is opening
Reaching its maximum
Showing color, flash
Spring and feelings.
Like the taste of an exquisite dessert
From its fluffy and sweet dough;
And its sweet and colorful decoration
They decorate it.
How music beautifies lyrics
That the author related the feeling
From the story or topic
We moved our soul and heart.
He invited us with joy to dance
And to meet in the middle
From the story waving the body
With the musical chords.
Feeling the music how beautiful garden
Making melodies in our hearts.
The beautiful music that God
Gave us to manifest
In a simple melody
Our moods
And the feelings that involve
The life of every day.
The music external representation
Of the hidden melodies
Inside us
Of the best kept secrets
And of those we want not to hide
And accompany the joy
That overflows our soul.
Beautiful melody music.
(Of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina)  
All Rights Reserved


ANA MARÍA MANUEL ROSA is an Argentine writer, historian, poet, literary proofreader and book editor y/or publisher. She ies Bromatologist, Tutor in Virtual Environment and English as a Second language. She is Local Responsible Writer of REMES, Honorary Member of IAC Nº 18.278, Honor Member of Literature in Latin America, Woman of Letters and Historian in Latin America, Universal Ambassador of Peace, Universal Ambassador of Culture, Ambassador of Literature, and Humanitarian Ambassador. Published books 22 to 2019, write in virtual pages intermittently and participated in several anthologies.

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