Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Blue Violins

An angel carries me through the wide,
endless world,
his wings touch the open darkness,
his fingers move,
his human breath is still alive.
And I go down into the deepest scars
of my face.
That´s where he lives.
In bright moon nights,
I feel him living.
Once we played in a bright
sunny house.
He was with me as a golden star
in a dark sky.
He was my twin.
I will never mourn him enough.
Now, childhood is gone,
the home is closed
and dead birds come.
They fill the house
while blue violins play
endless midnight songs
in September looms,
sweet-scented gardenias
and cloths of May.

The Sprouts Of Heaven

I pick the red berries of your heart
when you lay restless in your bed
and the moon is full, and the night is bright,
the breeze is calm, the leaves are true.
Then, whispers of light
unfold your dream,
and the sprouts of heaven grow
deep in the earth
where sleep is sweet,
in the poppies shade
where I pick the berries,
steal the stones of heaven,
wrap myself in jade, pearls,
dream of eternity,
and taste the blue,
the sight of heaven,
in the crimson songs
and longing beatings
of your heart.

Planting An Olive Tree In Cyprus

Planting an olive tree in Cyprus by the sea,
the sky was blue; the air was bright,
the clouds were moving.
My heart was a glowing paradise
swiping black thoughts way,
cleaning my brain,
lighting up my dream
intoxicated by the scent
of myriads of lemons,
oranges, exotic flowers.
Planting a real tree, digging my heart,
a song was growing,
mild like a breeze, a blessing,
a balsam,
my mutilated heart also longing
for unity, peace
-        I was a broken stone –
collecting poetry, music, gifts,
imaginary orchards,
recalling the lacking paradise
of human bliss.

MARIA DO SAMEIRO BARROSO (Portugal) is a medical doctor and a multilingual poet, translator, essayist and researcher in Portuguese and German Literature, translations studies and History of Medicine. She has authored over 40 books of poetry, published in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, France, Serbia, Belgium, Albany, USA, and translations and essays. Her poems are translated into over twenty languages. She was awarded the Prize of the Académie Européene des Sciences, des Arts et des Lettres (AESAL) 2020.

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