Wednesday, April 1, 2020



A Few Words In German
poem dedicated to Gustav Stresemann

Could anyone suppose?
- here's the man,
peace prize winner.
  - he extinguished the war conflagration
in the western Europe

He made a mistake
and  threw three words like sparks:
Nur fur Deutsche
 Then it was enough to shout:
Deutschland uber alles!

From words to deeds
- A thin piece of land
curling like an umbilical cord,
between Poland and the Baltic sea,
 was brutally cut off.
Blood and fire flooded Europe.
The iron army started to march
The letters on the belt buckles called:
-Got mit uns

Was he able to predict the fate
of family,
the Jewish wife's relatives?
Here they are
- Numbers stripped of their identity,
Bodies boiled down into soap
Hair in mattresses
Gold teeth in the Reich treasury

They disappeared into the sky
Like  streaks of black smoke
They went through the gate
with  inscription
Arbeit macht frei

Death Ray

Poem dedicated to Nikola Tesla

In the Croatian village of Smiljan,
in the family of a God-fearing priest
in July, a genius was born.

In a child's mind
God lit a spark of wisdom
and He watched how quickly
the fire burned the old world

The lad
rose high above mediocrity.
The strength of knowledge
opened the door to a great mystery.
In the depths of scientist’s mind
the creative process took place
and humanity received
technical wonders as a gift

It's him
tamed energy and invisible waves.
He moved the voice to thousands of miles
that an audible whisper
could sound out loudly
and wooden boxes spoke
like magic ones in the  fairy tale

On Orthodox Christmas in 1943
the precious black thick  notebook
with a dangerous endorsement
 "government affairs"
- like a ray of sunshine at night

God picked up Tesla’s wings at the New York Hotel.
America has robbed his estate.
Nobel Prize was destroyed by quarrels and defects.
He returned to his homeland in the modest urn.

My Angel

forgive the wounded feet
you walk with me
through the wilderness
the thorns of sins tear at your robes

 you protect against
 the mud of evil words
and mean deeds
you fight against perverse thoughts

thank you for faithful persistence
for showing me the way in darkness
 and sometimes lending me your wings


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