Wednesday, April 1, 2020



We Could Have Walked Again Like Before

We Could Have Walked Again Like Before,
Nothing matters except you and me
Holding hands while walking
Deeply in love with each other.

We could have walked again like before,
Barefoot on the sand
as the sun bask upon us
While salty and sweet lips touch.

We could have walked again like before,
How happy we were
Like young lovers
We care not if heavens crying or smiling.

We could have walked again like before
We soaked on each other's joys
Till moon smiled upon us
Our love is pure serendipity.
Copyright: Eden S Trinidad

The Hand Of Time

Wives cry "you have no time for me".
Moms say "you have no time for our family".
Kids shout out, "you have no time for us".
Self-retorts, "I have no time for me".

Still ~
Perceive, we have all the time in the universe.
Complacent we have time to converse,
Truly we have the time to write long verses
Sadly our moments on earth are just short verses.

Time is what we are running after.
But Time never runs out of Time.
We only waste it most of the time?
Thinking we can really buy more time.

And time will never return!
With our joys and laughter, but do they matter?
With success and wealth do you still bother?
Unmindful that time is short, until it's over.
Copyright: Eden S Trinidad


Poetry is lifeless without a hungry soul to express
Poetry has no meaning unless the heart resonates
Poetry is nothing if nature and men disagree
Poetry is not poetry if you only copy your best.

A well-known poet believes that there is no real poetry
If you only repeat what has been written already
Poetry must be unique, convincing in every way
Create your own verses, styles and accentual poetry.

Poesy. Musing. Whatever you call ME
Give life to me for human and nature spree.
Copyright: Eden S Trinidad


EDEN SORIANO TRINIDAD: She loves learning new things, achieving and accomplishing great endeavors in life that will bring great impact to humanity as a whole. It is her advocacy to promote peace, harmony, and global healing through poetry. Eden was born in the beautiful province of Zambales, the Philippines where the sweetest mangoes can be found and that is recorded in the World Guinness book of records. She has been a Professional License, an overly dedicated Teacher for many years, and currently the School Director of an outreach and mission school Lucio Abrigo Memorial Learning Center, Inc. which she pioneered and helped established since 1991. From June 1986 to December 2003, she served as Radio Licensed volunteer daily radio host, programmer, program producer over radio DWRF 1458 khz of Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) in Amungan, Iba, Zambales, Philippines.  Her radio program focused on family matters. On November 1, 2019 she has been interviewed and featured in ASSAM Writer's Mirror India. She is the only Filipino Poet Representative and A Lifetime Achievement Award has been bestowed upon her on the 12th Guntur International Poetry Festival and Poetry on Wheels held in Guntur Andra Pradesh and Hyderabad, India September 18-23, 2019. Her Eden Blooms, a bilingual book has been released on this occasion, translated and published by Dr. Lanka Siva Rama Prasad. She translated in the Filipino Language an epic poetry book of Dr. Lanka Siva Rama Prasad, titled The Casket of Vermillion”, and poems of other foreign poets. She was also chosen to translate in Filipino Language the Zen poetry book titled Sun Shower by Zen master Krisha Prasai of Nepal. Her Eden Blooms 2 titled” Symphony of Souls” is composed of her poems and her very closed poet friends compositions. She is an appointed AMBASSADOR of HUMANITY 2019 by the Hafrikan Prince Art World (HPAW) Dr. Waheed Musah. On September 29, 2018, she was one of the top speaker for the International Humanitarian Conference held in the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana Africa. An International Honorary Awardee of World Institute of Peace (WIP) as WORLD ICON OF PEACE & PROTOTYPE OF CANDOR, PC 2019. She is the PRESIDENT of “KIWANIS GLOBAL CHILDREN EMPOWERMENT”, PHILIPPINE LUZON DISTRICT, DIVISION 2B1” located in San Agustin Iba, Zambales with International Motto “Serving the children of the World”. Every Saturday or Sunday her poems are being translated in Spanish, recited and aired by poetess radio hosts Leticia Guzman, Felipe de Jesus A. Hernandez or by herself over Internet Radio in Mexico Vision Universal Radio program VOCES Y PLUMAS DE UNAMOS AL MUNDO CON LA POESIA both in English and Spanish Languages. She also gives beautiful rendition of her poems and of other poets.

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