Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Purple Truce

Sitting in the dark with no hopes alive
Lit inside me kept telling me you are not alone
With the world full of people my presence was amplify
Looking around my true lonesome boundaries
I saw a little shining star giving me a new lively teaser
With no desires of wishing and dreams, I took myself to clarify
The sun is rising above me every day ever so bright
And the night with stats beautifully limelight
With the smoke of fear, I survived to let it glorify
Heights of mountains so high as my sorrows
Deep into the seas lies my infinite pain
With the time so fast yet less I want to magnify
In the hustle of chills and thrills
We lose and continue to the behold nature
With life so hard and dead so easy where to notify

What I choose…!

I choose you to be my everything or anything
For that, I won't regret if it turns me into nothing
I choose you to make me or break me
For that, I won't cry when it hurts me or sorrow intake
I choose you to be my absolute happiness or never-ending grief
For that, I won't blame you whenever I am not relieved
I choose you to be only one or cared for none
For that, I may not hear the sound of when it's done
I choose you to be my master no matter here or hereafter
For that, there would be no rejection letters
I choose you to be my only man so that only you can end or begin
For that, I am the happiest prisoner in my cage
I choose you to treat me or defeat me
For that, there would be no winning and no losing
I choose you to be my whole or my lost hole
For that, I won't curse anyone but my soul
I choose you to be my eternal love or infinite burn
For that, there is no way out and nowhere to run
I choose you to be my everlasting shine
For that, if it's my demise to a great shrine
And what I choose was never meant to be destined...

You were not Mine!

Hey, do you know I waited for you, my days and nights were betrayed
But you never came and it all delayed
Hey, do you know I was screaming your name
But you never came and I am the one to blame
Hey, do you know I want you with all the parts at my zone
But you never came and it seems all gone
Hey, do you know I have saved you deep down in my memories
But you never came and I am all okay it’s no worries
Hey, you know what you should know this
You can’t destroy the ones you love...
But you never bothered because you were not mine.


HUDA TARIQ, 28 years old, employed female, all the way from Pakistan, has done her Graduation in Botany (Biology) from GCU (Government College and University Lahore) and she is dedicated to serving in the field of Education. She loves to write, all day every day, irrespective of genres or platforms and she loves to surround herself with infinite emotions and feelings. Publications: Her Short story was published in Scott martin productions

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