Wednesday, April 1, 2020



I Saw It

It crackled
in the perpetual motion
of the stars,
in rock
and its magmas,
stone by stone

I stumbled on my way,
in the panic heat
of the afternoon,
like a saint
blinded by a vision,
rock by
It told me,
it shone,
in the lazy eyes
of a cat,
in the aching bodies,
in the doubtful
of transparent

In the dismayed
the end everywhere,
and awaited,
the inexperienced 
was scared,
it rolled away
like a glass bead
on the path of earth
built by a child
in the festive afternoon
of a summer day,
like the paper boats
of Rimbaud.

I decided to leave.

Kashi (Light)

In the heart of one hand
a gift
for the river
the almighty
gray of the dawn
slid along the banks
with the slight veils of an awakening.


Only our voices
and gray strips of palm
like shining backs
of coleoptera,
and suffering
under the infinite sun
that is killing around;
the black wings
of the hut
closed over us,
they protected us like elytra
of a giant insect,
we trembled with
and drank water,
we laid down our weapons
in the gaunt shadow
in front of the horizon
in every direction.

I experienced that we were the Earth
with forms
and we would
forever be
in the wrinkled skin
of that immense animal,
that thundered, there
with its winds
and fresh secret snakes
of current,
they lightly touched
our body
with flakes of gold in the water
now warm
now in motion
now placated
now violent whip
of shining foams
on our humble feet.


CATERINA DAVINIO:  Pseudonym of Maria Caterina Invidia, Foggia, Italy, 1957) is a novelist, poet and multimedia artist. She writes in Italian and English. After graduating in Italian Literature at Sapienza University of Rome, she has worked in the field of writing and new media as an artist and a theorist, in contact with the international avant-garde. Her work has been featured in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Australia, in hundreds of festivals and exhibitions, such as the Biennials of Sydney, Athens, Merida, and the Venice Biennale, where she collaborated also as a curator. She is author of award-winning books of poetry, among them: Serial Phenomenologies (2010, It. - En.), The Book of Opium (2012, It.), Waiting for the End of the World (2012, It. - En.), Despicable Deeds (2015, It.), Aliens on Safari (It. - En., poetry and photography, 2016), Driftings and Other Daemons (It. - En., poetry and photography, 2018). Her poetry has been translated in several languages and presented in international literary festival, among them: Oslopoesi (Norway), Poetry Nights (Romania), Indoor Festival by Kafla (India), Golden Word (Uzbekistan), in The International Poetry Festival of Medellin and others. She has participated in the translation project 100 Great Indian Poems, by Abhay K. Kumar and has edited some anthologies of international poetry. Among the other publications by Davinio are four novels in Italian (Còlor Còlor, The Sofa on the Rails, SensesMirabilia, The Nothing Has Blue Eyes), and the essays: Techno-Poetry and Virtual Realities (It. - En.), and Virtual Mercury House – Planetary and Interplanetary Events (It. - En., documents and texts about net-poetry). In 2016 she has published  Rumors & Motors – Concepts of Poetry (It. - En. - Pt.) a collection of her digital poems from 1990 to 2016). Literary Criticism. Giorgio Barberi Squarotti, a major Italian literary critic, writes about her: «Sharp poetry, essential, cutting, between irony and tragedy, with lightning flashes of desperation and piety, of memory and anguish. It has a painful and lost grandeur». Whereas the poet and critic Dante Maffìa writes: «She is able to oscillate between classical allusions to the holy books and the work of great poets like Hölderlin, Baudelaire, Borges, Artaud and Celan, and then she comes to terms with the Beat Generation, with Ferlinghetti, Corso, with the philosophy of the Existentialists. With immediate acceptances, repulses, with vast ignitions and immense fires, with echoes of jazz and pop music».

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