Wednesday, April 1, 2020



When I Need You ...

When my longing rises from
The core of my heart
Will you come to meet me?
At midnight past twelve
When its pitch dark and the
grey owl hooting!

When I need you most and?
loneliness surrounds me at night
lying with no sleep-in sight
Will you come and sing lullabies embracing me showering me
with your sweet kisses?

When I want to fly thru the clouds
When the sky is dark and grey
With stormy wind blowing away
Will you hold my hand and fly with me?
My love?

When it is cold and shivery at night
will you come and embrace me
to keep me warm and cosy
stroking my hair unruly n unkempt
planting a kiss on my forehead!

Unimaginable Love ...

She looked into the mirror
After many days
Her hair unkempt her skin dried up with patches all over
Her eyes lost the shine which once many men admired and wanted to date her
Wearing torn clothes
Made her look shabby altogether!
She had no penny in her purse to buy some bread
She sat tired and weary
Throwing up her hands
In frustration
A firm grip on her waist
She felt
Turned back and saw a
Handsome youth stretching his hands for her to hold
Hesitated, she had no choice, she held his hands
Just to hear the words
I love you baby now and forever!
The two hearts beating fast and sparkling eyes started to speak . the unending love for each other. the beginning of an unimaginable love!

Grey Hair With Grace ...

When I was thirty plus
I had beautiful tresses
Thick and black
To add to my beautiful face and body
I cared for my hair so well
With oil treatments and spa
Every head turned when I walked past
wooing my beauty
I toiled for my family of four
As a single parent
Gave them good education
And brought them up well!
Now I have reached my fifties
with same grace
With silvery hair which now
Adds to my image so powerful!
I am happy to have my precious hair
still, thick n wavy and the silver threads
Add to my grace at fifty plus!
I still have to go a long way
Looking beautiful with my flawless skin
and beautiful eyes!
I thank God i still have good
Vision and no need to wear specs to read!
Am I not a beautiful woman?
I look into the mirror often
And admire myself as a beauty queen
at fifty plus!
I keep brushing my hair often
To make it tidy and shine
And I love my silvery hair!


SARALA BALACHANDRAN residing at Kolkata west Bengal India with her family. Is a regular contributor to OPA. Her poems have been published in national and international anthologies.

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