Wednesday, April 1, 2020



I Was Waiting For You, My Love ...

I knocked slowly at the gate of sin
The owner looked at me with a smile
Swinging his fingers smoothly
Over the harp of my soul
Scared and frozen with oblivion
I was waiting for you!
I knew you had to show up TODAY
I waited for you yesterday too
And today and tomorrow I’d have waited for you
But Today I felt like you would be here
And I would fall flashed in your arms ...
If you looked me in the eye
You’d see my ruby butterflies in them
Which would make you so confused
That you’d forget you’re at the gate of sin
I was waiting for you!
In my arms sin will be sweet
You’ll unravel like a sour cherry blossom
And you’ll let my butterflies
Taste your lips nectar, trembling
With so much anxiety

I was waiting for you, my love
At the gate of sweet sin
I knew Today you’d come ...

Variations ...

This memory enslaves me
with fingers spread.
I feel its claws clenching
in my sleeping soul,
where dust gathered
over variations sung
once, with four hands ...
Two outstretched hands remained
over white and black keys
like my soul ...

Slowly, slowly seconds proliferate
memory waltzes in purple tones
on a still unwritten stave ...
It encompasses the dream set on the eyelids
And fingers run like crazy
over keys awoken to life
unleashing my soul
turning the memory into oblivion ...

Captive Soul

Captive in my own life
The soul snuggles up intimidated
In a corner of heart
Wounded too often
By rose thorns
Blooming with fear
And its cry is lost
At the border between heart and thought ...


FLORENTINA DANU: Born in 18.01.1971, Braşov county Romania. Member of the Romanian Writers League Brasov branched in 2017. Member of the Society of Writers in Romania in 2019. Member of World Poets Association October 2019. President of the literature and art platform World Poets Asociation – Brașov branched in 2020. Debut: “Cuget românesc” / poet's page. Online publications, newspapers and magazines. Co-author in thirty-four national and international anthologies. Presence in an anthology of interviews with contemporary Romanian authors. Awards for national and international poetry contests. Author's volume:“Passing through my life” – Cultural Harmony Publishing House the “ Lirik” collection 2013. “The Rustle of Leaves", "Armonii Culturale" Publishing House, the "Lirik" Collection, 2014. "The Music of My Soul" Romanian Poetry Anthology, "Liric Graph" Publishing House, 2019, coordinator Florentina Danu."On the Paths of Dreams and Sorrows", "Armonii Culturale" Publishing House, 2019.

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