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Oh human kind you call me, fire

I call myself the power with many faces.

My story is endless lost in the pages of creation.

In the eternal complex of elements

Fire – water – air – earth.

I’m the powerful gift of Prometheus to you

Fragile human kind.

My tongues dancers of ballets,

Butterflies that unfold their colorful wings,

Into the cardinal directions through

Mythology, history, philosophy, science.

Sometimes gently other times with cruelty.

Oh sweet Brunhilde, Valkyries’ beautiful amazon,

Sleep in the velvet dream of Wotan’s kiss

Wagner’s music made me protector

Of your sleep in the bosom of my arms.

Oh human kind I condemn you in the ‘’lake of fire’’.

I am the source of energy, creation, transformation.

I burn with joy, tenderness and Eros

On the vehicle of divine charity,

But if you don’t treat me with careful moderation

I bring destruction to your wings of illusion.

I’m the Lion goddess of fire, Seckhmet, a jewel

Of the Egyptian Pantheon,

The tender goddess of sacred flame Estia

Of ancient Greece, sister of Hera and Demeter,

The charming goddess Agni of Hindi,

A messenger between Heaven and Earth.

My garment is the Eternal Spring.

I am the first of the elements in Greek philosophy,

Tied to passion and power, dancing with the river

Of Heraclitean transparent soul,

The Sacred Geometrical form of Plato’s Tetrahedron.

I am the symbol of God’s presence to Moses,

A burning brush of the Old Testament,

An instrument of His judgment, a sing of His power,

A divine gift of His Altar, a spiritual fire of His heart,

Dancing in front of the font of Siloam.

I am the instrument of Holy Spirit in the New Testament

To purge the dross from the precious metal,

A blessing to human kind in the Quran.

But be aware to keep my other sides in boundaries,

Then the gate of hell open.

I am the blessing for the human kind but also

The gate to hell, the punishment of non-believers

Of the Quran and Revelation.

The ruins of the Greatest Library of the ancient world

They still grieve in the Egyptian land, because of me.

The soil of Rome in its womb even until now has the madness of

Nero, the Roman Emperor, because of me.

My negative power in the hands of greed creates chaos,

In the hands of the natural laws, it transforms

Paintings of natural beauty to the canvas of desolation.

In the hands of individuals, grasps the feelings in the prison of torture.

Don’t you see? I am not just fire, I am the fire of these and

So many other faces!

Don't Kill The Mockingbirds!

Oh sweet mockingbirds

You dreamed of walking on beautiful roads

With soft colors and delicate essences,

You dreamed of climbing on green high hills,

And to swim in endless crystal waters.

You dreamed to be swirled with the

Tender daises in untouched fields.

Under the sun's eternal overture.

To feel the soft caress of the morning breeze,

And the tender hug of a discreet night.

But the course of a hostile river

Drifted you to colorless roads

To impenetrable paths οf forests

To the eye of the Cyclone

To unfriendly deep waters.


Wounded wings,

Castles in sandy shores.

All broken into fogy winds.

Marina Antonia Tsitsi.

Moonlight Sonata.

The golden-purple sky

Solemnly gives his scytale to

The fine woven veils of the night.

The moon and the stars with gentle

Steps fill the palette

Of the celestial dome ...

The Orion in all its magnitude

Is mirrored on the eternal beauty

of the pyramids.

The charm of silence ...

Suddenly is interrupted by the delicate fingers

Of the moon, that sacramentally flow

On the octaves of the Moonlight Sonata.

Which are spread softly into the

Impressive velvet atmosphere.

Last notes, soul's mirror

Caressing with melancholy the

Constellations of the utopia and vanity

Scatter the last smiles,

Before sinking into the bosom of the lake.

Maybe Immortality there exists ...


ANTONIA TSITSI: She has studied Law at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Studied Political science at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Studied Painting and Art History at Art. Languages: Greek, Russian, German. English. Music: Piano. Former General manager at SA import, export firm. Former teacher on A level at Greek school in London. Other activities: Main: She presented poets and artists in different countries. She writes articles on various themes especially on art, ancient Greek history and philosophy, Greek poetry in journals. Poems and articles also in Italian and Serbian anthologies.

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