Saturday, August 1, 2020




My footprints
In the sand
Temporary tattoo

I Love Him

i don't know
what to do
i love him
i love hopelessly
your smile as precious as gold
I want to be with you
my life is nothing without you
I am angry
but i love you
doesn't matter

i am not good for you
my heart is hard
i cry

The glow

dedicated to my nice Romanian friend V.D.

The glow of your smile
It adds a glitter to my world.
Smile again and again!


Feeling Alone
What is wrong with me?
What is right?
What purpose do I have?
What should I do?
But Will I Still Feel Alone?

Sweet Kiss

we breathe together
encouraging happiness
with a sweet kiss

Thinking Of You
dedicate my nice Romanian friend Vasile

the sky is pink
my heart is big smile
alone in the bench
thinking of you


It is not the sun
That burn down
My back
It is your smile

Joy Is You

Dedicated to my sweet Romanian friend V.D.

Beauty is you,
goodness is you,
heart is you,
love is you,
soul is you,
joy is you,
flower is you
smile is you,
peace is you,
light is you,
life is you


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