Saturday, August 1, 2020



I Will Tell Them ...

I will always remember in our happiness,
In my dreams I will cuddle your smiles,
The contentions let stay at bottom of the heart,
Like your image stays away from me.

In our history I don't want to remember,
The pieces of the night that killed love,
I know very well that I can hardly forget them,
The big pains that plague my soul.

Let the birds to scare and raise their heads,
When I in late evening walk, at the park, alone,
They will put their arms around by my neck,
When I talk the problems of love that has someone.

I will tell them it was once the girl with the eyebrow,
Like moon that fell from the spring rays and vapors,
And the night had put the stars on her hair,
She seemed to hold her heart in her hand.

I will tell them that she put me out of mind,
The folly of feeling like a storm surge,
And in the vast sea where boils the love,
It slammed me in the shore drunken from happiness.

I will tell them ...

Kisses In The Eclipse

The sun squeezed his eyes,
Like a little Asian boy.
The earth wrinkled her face,
Under the ghastly shadow of mythical legends,
And the pale moon, with its nose up,
For once proved to be brave,
And it shut the gate to the sun.

The world fainted,
Under the mystical black scarf.
Sighs spread fear,
With tongues of the fools,
In the darkness everywhere.
We, with our kisses,
Like two giants of fire,
The fire that burned our hearts,
We enlightened the whole world.

Write Me A Message

We had just been given the first kiss under the moon bright,
Many years ago, on the ferry, to the west, heading,
It was winter, it was cold, frost, like tonight,
Two our hearts trembling and burning.

We are separated at the crossroads for so many years,
Looking for happiness, on the throughout world,
We have not seen, since now, we have not heard,
We lost our souls, our love we burned.

On the earth and over moon, I searched for you,
In Alaska and in the south, I sought over and over again,
I did not put my head, in these years, on the pillow,
And the people, surprising, to give me crazy, began.

In the sand of the moon the portrait I am putting,
With the shadows of the night I am writing,
When the moon comes the world around,
You will see it, for sure from our ground.

And if you do not return, write me a message,
Write me that you stay good, write to let me know,
Write with color of our love, on the Moon page,
The wounded my soul will keep me calm now.

You Came Like  An Eve

Like the light-filled Eve that God created it,
You made me Adam, you made me fly,
In life's Eden, full of flowers, when we met.
Great love kindles me till on the sky.

Spaces of the soul we sparkled in flames,
And turned the days in grades of spring,
With opened lily with full of white flowers,
We nourish and increase our love feeling.

In life entered often the devil among us,
The dark clouds in the sky of happiness form,
Sometimes they fly and brought downpours us,
We often found ourselves in the mouth of the storm.

The world does not exclude sins, at least now,
Don't judge for the forbidden apple, it too us belong,
And Eve with Adam would not have been tried,
If they knew that poison awaited with the fate along.

On these Christmas as a ray of sun to the eye,
Happy, smiling, we are both again that shine.
Is it not for us as a beautiful gift from sky?
And it radiating our hearts like something divine?


KUJTIM HAJDARI was born in Hajdaraj on April 10, 1956 in the city of Lushnja in Albania. He completed his university studies in Albanian language and literature in Albania. He worked as a literature teacher in high school. He has been in exile in Italy for years and since 2010 he has also become an Italian citizen. He has written many volumes of poetry in Albanian and the last in Italian.He has participated in many international competitions where he has had several appreciations and awards. His poems have been published in many newspapers in his country and abroad.

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