Saturday, August 1, 2020



Don't Burn The Bridge

Electrifying kindness and adoration
Sweetness like coated almond chocolates
Mouth-watering blueberry cheesecakes
Trust built on daily chats and video calls
Loyalty is as deep as dipped galvanized iron.

Clinging to each other like gecko
Never leaving like one's own shadow
At a hiss spitting venom of ugliness
Two pairs of slippers split in separate ways
Aristocrat eyes looking haughtily/ pretentiously.

Marred and tainted by old devil’s trick
Volcanic lava pouring immensely
Like a motorcycle without a break
Electrocuted tongue causes convulsive rhetoric
Zorro and batman came alive with a kick.

Yet, don't burn the bridges
Dogs and cats are also fighting without end
It's raining while the sun is also shining
Red, when mix with green turns into orange
But fire sprinkle with oil is no heaven.

Century reached its peak
Destiny brings back sour grapes
Unmoved, won't settle, like oil and water
But light plain sheet steel when joint together
Create an earthquake and hurricane proof house system.

Do Not Withhold Good

Men borrow what they all have now
Mediocre people they just looked down
Less fortunate ones seek help to grow
Knocking on hearts trying to beckon
Opportunities for them to bestow
Strong willed, spirited nature
Surviving life’s stormiest weather

They uphold and relentlessly climb up for success
Pulling down others for sure conquest.
They do not have notion to share
Taking everything for their welfare
When it is in the power of your hands to do so
Do not withhold good from those whom it is due.
The Words of the Alpha and the Omega
Remains true in spite of “negativism”
In our hearts we plan our course
But the Creator establishes our resource.


The never-ending call for world peace
And musings in spite of differences
Continue the Call to achieve
This illusive Peace through poets
And Poetries.
Waking up in the noise of traffic jam in most cities
Choking us with endless waiting for vehicles to reach destinies
Muses phrasing traffic and noises
Screaming, redrafting traffic jerks and breaks
Busy penciling-in ballads and verses for peace.
But can we truly ever achieve WORLD PEACE? Through Poetry?
A sage once told me, “Yes, we can, if we walk our talk!”.
If the demons in our body will be soothed and calmed by poetry
But if poets only etch their quills, making it doodle in red or black
And posts hundreds of certificates to boast each achieves?
Can we achieve World Peace?
I will preach neither teach!
But I will do outreach!
Through my fancy verses!
Evoking in our hearts to be like a dove,
Offering olive branches
Wiping away traces of dark clouds looming in the dark morning sky
And with the outstretched arms of colorful lives tinted with cheers,
Will reach instead on a clear day a deep blue canvass in the sky.


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