Thursday, October 1, 2020



Connecting With The Universe

I walk with confident
Head high with love and honor
The blue sky above my head
Brings harmony forever

The humming bird of thoughts
Dwelling with wonderful perceptions
That creates magical reality for me

The tree of understanding
Gets more knowledge and wisdom
Through the enchanting universe

The soul knows it all
Understanding the exterior world
Keeping within a perfect stability
Walking with strength and power

The love of my own self
Reflecting like a mirror
The amazing universe
Guides me to the way
And I walk with the universe
And my aura speaks it all

Only beautiful soul and mind
I connect with `grandeur
The world is beautiful and I walk with beauty and grace
©Rainysarmistha- a thought with beautiful mind

Pristine Way With Power Within

A mountain tells the tale of his strength
Water flows by telling its story through raindrops
Flowers are magnificent they know how to bring everyone through their fragrance
Fountain brings harmony that’s the story it sings everywhere
Birds sit on the branches of tree
That itself their tale of love and affection

The path says the journey of value
The journey that always goes on with contemplations
The path has more to say, more to sing and more to share
Listen carefully everything is there

The universe keeps all the treasures
It has to cherish with unlimited feelings
The tale of amazing things
Creates only wonderful things
This is the way it happens always
©Rainysarmistha- a beautiful thought with amazing mind

Blue Ink & Inking Blue

Chirping birds, mild breeze and pleasing atmosphere
Do you know why I am saying it my dear!
Yes, its about inking blue
Blue is what I know
Blue sky, blue, ocean, blue birds

One day I thought about it and start inking my contemplation
On a blank paper that carries much gratification
The blue ink drops like a pacific ocean
And fill the paper with enormous radiance of love and gratitude
I bring my perfection with guidance of penning down my own destination

A destination fills with enchantment and amour
The way of good will gives the way of selection
And selection brings the way of good will
Blue is the way and ink is merged with blue
I write and write and write that always a part of me
It determines my strength and will
©Rainysarmistha a thought with beautiful mind


RAINYSARMISTHA is a passionate lover of the beautiful universe. She believes in own self and sees everything in a positive way. She understands the meaning of life is nothing but understanding which is our interior self. She starts writing that can not be specified with a date and time. She believes in the true essence of the universe and the efficacy within. She is confident, skillful and dynamic. The beautiful odyssey of her life is always amazing. Appreciativeness to the one who reads it , she is full of amazing thoughts that creates harmony.

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