Thursday, October 1, 2020



Let's Start Singing

Let’s start singing
the palpable raindrops
rhythm and the modulation
of the transparent water droplets
are singing the welcome rhyme of unresolved course
blinking light in between the dark cloud
is emerging hope of sunshine and fresh buds
transfixing me and my expectation to surge
towards the stature of poly chromatic picture
The song of rain
The mode of dance
The words they drain
The splashes of freshness
Greenery refrain
Captivates me through the magnanimous spell
Unlocking me
Revolving me
Around the numerous sound and words of rain.
The cool earth and the cool sky
Has started singing happily
Now is my turn to sing with the rhyme they frame.

Rainy Afternoon

Tip tap pour and the silent roar of my core
I am along with the transistor on the porch
Listening to the oldies
Trying to feel the codices
From the lyrical phrase
Trying to picturize me in the pictorial frame
The words touch
Glide me to my dream sight
Lovely and lonely
tipsy and turvy
cozy and rosy
the land of fantasy
Transistor along with natural melody is generating magic
to this lazy buddy .

A Lovely Happening

You are a lovely happening
Bard’s melodious symphony
A captive glory
A visionary’s fairy
A lyricist rhymes
But for me
You rise in my vine
Stipulating wine
The tremors are wild
Possessive and confine
Your flora keeps me fine
Makes me shine
Intrusively I follow the jingle
Inclusively you come to the middle
Of all the rectangular I draw
Of all the circle I form
You wave in my thoughts
Like the cooling breeze in my cozy berth
Whose fragrance douse me much
Whose memories notch
Time to time, I surrender myself to the hutch.


LOPAMUDRA MISHRA, resides in Bhubaneswar Orissa.  She completed her graduation in English Hons from Sailabala Women’s college, Cuttack and post –graduation in English from Ravenshaw University, Cuttack. Her fascination for writing came from her grandfather and father from an early age. Writing for her is the powerful medium of expression. Her poems have been published in many magazines and anthologies. Her works include her very own published books - “Rhyme Of Rain”, “First Rain”,” Tingling Parables”, “Rivulet Of Emotions”.

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