Thursday, October 1, 2020



When The Soul Winters

You appeared with the crackling like  the lonely raven,
You have wounded bitterly the bent and numb night,
From dead world and beyond, far away and frozen.
From the silence, you have raised the memories,

I didn't want to reawaken the wound from the pain,
With a broken heart, where it slept for years,
I was afraid it would come to me like births,
Full with rays of dawn that don't see the craters.

And I, as before, would follow yet the rays,
sleepwalker without any light in the eyes,
I would wait for the flowers to bloom in my soul,
The stars caressed me like on flirting nights.

Wrapped with the night, came out from the mists,
With forgotten spring, naked, without a color,
Then I was lost in darkness, poor somnambulist,
Crying, looking for beautiful face, in the deep dark.

Your soul that once sang the symphony,
Under the weight of the years, I saw him suffering,
I was sorry, but what can I do, you tell me?
Could I return the leaves to the tree, that is wintering?

I Miss You So Much

A hug and a longing kiss,
And then, you became part of the crowd,
After a while my breath stopped, I felt bad,
The air suffocated me with the stuffiness.

Beyond the border security  I cast my eyes,
And when I didn't see you I felt empty,
Memories, feelings attract me dragged,
Every division kills me, suffocates me.

I scanned the airport with my gaze,
I was about to call out loud,
To hear the voice, to speak to you,
Like crazy, wandering around,

Even though you left for a few days,
I do not know how bad I felt,
As if centuries away from me, you now stay,
As if, from my soul, it is taken something away.

When I Go To The Village

I look at the rays that shred through the olives,
Down, in pieces of gold, the shadow is adorned,
How much I would love to stay, lying under my ribs,
Covered with dreams, as once upon a time.

The midday sun requires a little coolness,
So he dives deep into the forest of pine,
A wish takes me like once, as a child,
Together, in the shadows, to be by his side.

Street flowers I see that they feel me,
They shake the petals and greet me,
I caress them with my eyes that shine,
With love and fire that ignite my heart.

A bird song invites me too with a kiss
The morning breeze caresses me with its gaze,
How can I tell them how much I miss them,
Every word to thank them, seems desolate.

The beauties of the village await me like a groom,
Thousands of flowers make crown around me this day,
I'm seeking people with my hand on my heart,
To share my nostalgia and kiss their hands.

Only people, I find more and more rarely,
They fled, they scattered and fled around the world.
Me, on top of the Globe, would do bellman,
As a godless commodity, we left this beautiful ground.


KUJTIM HAJDARI born in Hajdaraj on April 10, 1956 in the city of Lushnja in Albania. He completed his university studies in Albanian language and literature in Albania. He worked as a literature teacher in high school. He has been in exile in Italy for years and since 2010 he has also become an Italian citizen. He has written many volumes of poetry in Albanian and the last in Italian. He has participated in many international competitions where he has had several appreciations and awards. FINALIST in 7 place in "European Poetry Championship” 2020 Up to now, with his poems he is part of 28 national and international anthologies. His poems have been published in many newspapers in his country and abroad.

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