Thursday, October 1, 2020




Slices of orange
on the bedside table,
scattered pillows,
crumpled sheets,
quiet noise of the sea,
you and me,
dawn ...

Never So Much Alone

Everybody runs away from sadness,
but why from joy?
Don't fool me!
Don't flatter!
Don't say sweet nothings!
I will bear sorrows
in solitude.
Days are for laughs,
there are nights for sadness.
Don't make hot water!
Don't smudge my eyes!
Don't smile at me!
Don't pose!
God, I've never been that alone
as I am now!
Everybody runs away from sadness,
but why from joy!?
I'm getting lost in my elation.
I'm not managing my luck.
Am I that much
used to sadness?
The joy will fade,
the rapture will be extinguished,
because only empty words
are loud enough!
And honestly:
''It's possible,
you can do it,
I'm here for you,
I wait when I will hear.
I need that kind of help,
I would scream to the sky!
But everything around me is silent!
I've never been alone,
never as much as I am now!

I'm Not Ready To Leave Yet

It's not about a calendar or a clock,
the body will show the most accurate time.
And every time something hurts,
that body warns, asks, prays:
- Say unspoken already once,
and listen everything you delay to hear!
There is so much, so much accumulated!
Finish what you started, do it, put an end to it,
pack, put away, donate, return ...
There is so much, so much!
Visit if you're miss someone,
say you love who you loved,
hug the one who needs your hug ...
Back pain says you don’t have much time.
Write letters, give a gift, save a photo.
Chest pain ticks seconds!
And there is so much, so much!
Get wet in the summer rain a few more times!
Take a walk, the mowed meadows are calling you
and put a red flower in your hair ...
What are you waiting!?
The pulsation in the temple beats for minutes ...
And there is so much, so much!
Read books that are waiting
for better days on the shelves.
If you can't travel already,
let them take you around the world.
Because the pain on the left side
counts down every moment rapidly.
And so much, so much is unfinished!
And you are waiting!
What are you waiting for?
For the one who won't call, to call you!?
For the one who will not love you, to love you!?
For him to be the one, who will never be!?
And the weakness of the body that goes out,
relentlessly your seconds, minutes, days ...
And warns:
You won't make it, you won't make it!
And there are so many unheard melodies,
untold stories,
unwritten verses,
unread books,
unseen cities
unwhispered words,
unembraced shoulders...
And the body warns:
You don't have time!
Change something!
You won't make it!

Oh, there is so much, so much in me!
I’m really not ready to leave yet!

The Way We Were

You compose notes, I write verses.
You remember each of our encounters,
I remember your every word.
For your words are music to my ears,
they never caused either sorrow or tears.
You tell interesting life stories,
you solve my problems and worries.
We share a common youth in the same city,
we share common love and sorrow.
We live from the memories of yesterday,
and hope for a better tomorrow.
And the fire burns in us like the first day.
How to be together, how to overcome obstacles?
But we still hope, we still believe in miracles.
We have the same desires and interests.
You compose music, I write lyrics.
From your touches my skin becomes smooth.
I was created only for you, that is the only truth.
I love listening to your voice.
We are each other's choice.
No pair is so harmonious
the way we were.
I'm still here,
you are still there.
In verses and notes we keep it alive,
but our love will survive.
And there is no alternative!
As long as we live and it will live.
Come back to me until it's too late.
You will be mine again, I have faith.


I don't know how I got lost here
A girl from the South in the cold North
I was looking forward to a sunny day
I wore the most beautiful fluttering dress
To glide under your touches
To smell of spring and flowers
And now, unprotected and alone,
I found myself in a frozen night
I waited, waited...
And I'm still waiting for you to come
Be my shelter, be my light
Come and warm me up, my dear
Save me from loneliness and darkness
Everything around me is desolate and quiet
The only thing I want to hear
Is the thump of your footsteps
Come, and drive away my fear

Let the new poem wait ...

On plain paper,
of messy letters in my head,
the time is long overdue
to make the poem new.

On the already yellowed, old sheet,
stains, furrows, patterns,
crumpled, torn edges,
and countless times written
one and the same name,
don't allow bright, cheerful rhymes
to sprout on the new page.

And just about every time
when the arm moves
some new lines to write,
pretending determination,
courage and strength,
I see that one and the same name
and feel
one furrow,
painful but dear.

And I let go...
Let the new poem wait ...
Let it slowly germinate and ripen
until time clears the furrow
and until fades
what was before.


SELMA KOPIĆ, born April 13, 1962. n Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Professor of Bosnian Language and Literature in elementary school.

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