Thursday, October 1, 2020




Draw a door
I'll jump to your threshold
And knock!

Draw a floor
I'll invite you for a dance
A bit of Rock, a few steps of Fox Trot
And a bit of Slow
To lead you in a sweet trance!

Draw a heart
I'll fill it with life
And with each beat
You'll hear me whisper

Draw a hill
And I 'll erect a mountain
To place you under my wing

Draw a bridge
And I 'll lay myself
To join the left and the right bank

Draw a moon
I'll be your ladder
And with each step the countdown
Announces "you'll be up soon"

Draw your dream
And I 'll make it true
This is what my COUNTRY told me

Take me there

Take me there to the land of wonders
Where I neither ask nor wonder
About what is going on !
Take me where rivers flow their water
With joy into the sea
Where hills still bow to mountains
Standing high in glory

Take me there where the land
Changes its carpet regularly
No chemical products, no logging, no industry
Where seasons take turns respectfully
No disorder, no barging, law of nature working
Where the hand of greed hasn't yet set foot
To spoil Nature's beauty and damage its soil
To pollute its air and rise its temperature

Take me there where animals are free
No fear from poachers, no worry where to flee
Take me where all creatures live in harmony
Where-for Mother Nature- people still care!

Let Me Dream

I dream to write
something beyond
the ordinary
I am fed up with
all the
déjà -vu
I yearn to walk on the
"not yet trodden" road
I am tired of
following the herd
I am craving for
a unique sound
neither a beat
nor a bleat
so sweet
that I kneel to greet!!

I like to empty myself
of everything
to make room for
a new brand
I love to
fill myself up
my lungs, my eyes
my nostrils
with incomparable
scent beyond
all what wind
could've carried

I desire to wage a war
to attack language
with energy
with no constraint
to win the fight
I wish to read more and more
I dream to be a drop
in the ocean
just a drop
yes, a drop
I dream
to dream big!!!

Gigi Mejri ©


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