Thursday, October 1, 2020




Can we say the Aves are glad?
When they start to flap their wings
and seemed to hum to greet us?

Have men found the meaning of life?
When they amass Solomon’s mine?
Will we live for eternity?

It’s not by accident our ink flows,
Living alone in a digital world
and ought to cross the borders.

Let not reasons run dry,
Let an enigmatic song
be sanctified for someone each day.
Ikigai (Title of a Book)
July 30, 2020

Infinite Power

Yet we are not truly immortal
The infinite power belongs
to the Author of Life
Our knowledge could cover
the earth like the fine sands
We could have had peace
like a river flowing silently
And enjoy the fruits of our labor
Like the waves of the sea
Numberless grains of blessings
From the Almighty
O! Breather of Life
O! Spirit of the living God
Delay thy Wrath.
July 5, 2020

Candle Of Hope

h are the unlit candles
Faces covered with double face masks
Saltless salts
Unsweetened sweet grins
Nodding heads yet unsmiling eyes
That shoots sparks stabbing unsuspected friends.

Bravo, congratulations, you are wonderful
Hugs and kisses are cold as winter snow
As face and lips are covered
With face masks and shields.

Life is meaningless

When one is unable to be moved

By the power of Love

Lit that candle and let its light

Shine in every heart and soul.
All Rights Reserved
July 21, 2020


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