Monday, February 1, 2021






Beckoning For Love


You stole the key of my heart,

and left for distant shore.

I still look for you my dear,

and peep through open door.

The golden lock is still with me,

I ensure proper store.

Preserved it with utmost care,

and not just left on floor.

Tried with matching sets of keys,

none did work anymore.

You left your girl in utter shock,

and made her so very poor.

Now, give me back the key, my love,

I love you from the core.

And join the pieces of heart, my dear,

and join the pieces you tore.

Promise me that you'll never leave,

and that I make very sure.

You'll be my love forever,

with every drop I pour.

Our love saga will surely surpass,

all the legends of yore.

We will make a history, my love,

and create a new folklore.

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Beyond The Clouds


Across horizon, behind the rainbow,

far beyond the clouds.

An unseen land seems hidden there with

blurred whereabouts.


Vibrant land seems decked with flowers,

jasmines, tulips and roses.

Poets and leurates enrich further

with poetry, verses and proses.


Loved ones with all their realms

adorn and enhance it’s grace.

My mom and dad and foster mom

gently mark the trace.


Land of dismay, land of surprise,

land of awe and wonder.

Abode of peace, land of marvel

posted in some yonder.


Too far from this mundane earth,

much farther from our reach.

Far beyond the clouds and beyond

reasons to impeach.


Mind still talks and heart still looks

but soul knows you’re at peace.

Far beyond the clouds and hence I

always seem to miss.

All rights reserved @ copyright


Amorous Serendipity

We seemed strangers.... raised and bred in identical cosmic dust but thrown apart as nature's call to possess own ethnic identity......

Covering half way round the globe to find my amour, experiencing the sound, taste, vision, touch and smell of the mundane world..... to discover or introspect the factual ethos of this fortunate stroke of serendipity......

Perhaps, we were destined to meet as lovers where each and every sequence conspired on our behalf chronologically for us to be together......nuances of this very nature removed all the barriers to certify as destiny.....

Repertoire of jocund reality......

My favourite encounter....

My serendipity.....

All rights reserved @ copyright



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