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The Universe Is Me


Who am I?

I am the Artist who always creates infinite paintings of qualia,

The symphony of the unified field, I perceive even Consciousness.

I imagine now, fine-tuning I set to the area of self-awareness

Out of the Perfume of Platonic Values, the waves of good,


Blessing, I am now painting the purely mathematical truth

of existence, of intelligence, the essence, the dynamic Ocean.

I smell pleasure and sorrow, the firefly of joy in You,

a living field or a dead field, the one forever inseparable from me?


I sing my Ocean drop of you, my eternal fractal,

in itself reverberates it, Your eternal universal Ocean,

The harp symphony of the universe, I touch the intelligent harmony,

Tones and vibrating, undulating flickering, I see absent thinking.


Vibrate in various trills strings, superstrings in Olympus,

possible Return in time, beyond space and time,

of the pure consciousness unified state, I am now Samadhi,

Abstract awareness, I taste now the source of Matters.


Ethics in Brahman consciousness, cut as an eternal pattern

of the geometry of Platonic wisdom, an eternal pattern.

Localized Atman, the law makes the world an intelligible leaven,

The same law of nature makes the world a predictable leaven.


Correlation of the superposition of the single particle in space-time.

The consciousness-wave collapses from the quantum vacuum in time.

The superposition exists until Your consciousness intervenes,

by Platonic wisdom, before its collapse.



To Universal Love Key 

The Dance Of The Creation Light


The Choir Dances - The Dance of Creation


Harmony, erotic ballet,

the movement of the fire drill

from the drum of the mystical dance,

The light of the rain cascade

Moving plasma splashes

dances that consume our

worlds slowly - slowly perishing

when they no longer love each other.


Brahman (solemn)

- Can you love and be loved?

You could be loved, flame man!

Yes, man. Now may you be loved!

The sky is burning. A sea on fire!


Atman Zamolxis (is singing in meditation)

- O Shakti, Your hope hand,

Holy merciful

You conceived by Your love the dance of creation, art.


Your contemplation keeps

the unconscious order.

Your hand deeply protects

the conscious order.


O Shiva, Your sacred Foot,

at the scorched earth put,

it wonderfully envelops the soul

by fatigue slain.


Your foot raised, beatitude

the dance of Your creation,

drop magnet, fullness

the illusion of Your redemption.


Shakti (dreamy)

On the azure sea of the sky

The stars are reflected in sidereal waves.

I anchor the ship of the soul

On the shore of love’s sidereal light


On the shore of happiness, I step

On the sand and I wonder, in immensity

Dream and reality intertwine

Is reality a dream or is the dream a reality?


Atman Shanti (is singing enthusiastically)

-I resurrect by longing every time,

Born anxieties I change

In eternities of pure love.

I transcend in space and time,


Naive reality, illusion present,

embodying the spirit-desire of the dream,

The thought becomes a careful presence,

radiating the being with rewritten yearning.


I want to share my empty existence

between the eternity and the naïve reality of the dream,

To crucify my illusion in the real world,

to move my life from time into the abyss.


Brahma (solemn)

- From the great Abyss below us

I fly in my divine grace

The sun goal towards you

Beyond imagination.


The flight – nostalgia of Lucifer

Taken out only by the light

He is the key to the mystery,

To the darkness you wear.


Candle light always

The flower of life in your heart

Only One God

Totality, my Light.


Love, is the very Light,

She doesn't stay hidden,

Drilling deafly your heart

By nostalgia unpenetrated.


May your mind be enlightened,

By the Divine Totality.

Only with true love,

The Well of Light Life.


Shakti (firmly)

Heaven can be here on Earth

There, love is the first

Heaven can be here on Earth.

Let's do this first.



The Mystery Of The Totality Key Rose Longing From A Leafless Star


The Choir Dances - The Dance of Creation


Harmony, erotic ballet,

the movement of the fire drill

from the drum of the mystical dance,

The light of the rain cascade


Moving plasma drops

dances that burn us

the worlds slowly slowly perishing

when they no longer love each other.


Brahman (thinking)

- Beings of light know they are light.

Beings of light, mind - rainbow body,

Light beings are the universe of light.

The emotion of a rainbow, the perception of a rainbow.

Rainbow beings, rainbow feeling,

Rainbow perception, rainbow image,

Rainbow beings,  every rainbow thing,

Light thoughts, rainbow light energy.

Rainbow beings, every rainbow matter,

Thoughts light, rainbow plasma light ..

The beings of the rainbow light in the rainbow radius,

The body of light, the whole existence of the rainbow.


Atman Shanti (is dancing reciting)

-The rainbow beings know that the whole transformation

Conscious alchemy, is the present intention, hypothesis,

It influences the sensation with heartbeats of the flower heart,

Vibration transformation flies with the light speed

Key mystery in the spiral of consciousness, pure Intention,

Freedom is enlightenment, Wisdom is enlightenment,

Beloved Man, I pray you, do not forget the pure Secret, the Intention.

Awareness, lighting Seeds,

I, the small Universe, the Great Universe of grace

The correlation, of the inseparable dream light, seen.

The mystery that I get now at, is the Theory of Creation

Of Longing for the Rose, a dream of the unseen light.


Shakti (is dancing)

- to be one with the Source, you feel eternally free,

to melt into it, conceiving your eternal reality.

Rays of generosity, love, harmony, kindness,

They will be eternally awakened in your infinite white reality.

The seeds of fear, waves of hatred, tsunamis rise

The seeds of the light of consciousness, eternally fulfilled.

With love, with happiness or with playful love

Both of them can be woken up, if you want, you see them sprouted.


Atman Zamolxis (thinking)

- He who knows the beginning of the Unity world,

Remember, man, that everything that exists

releases its star from the realm of night,

another form of what does not exist.

Reigns the Truth of the delivering law,

The Mandala's Dream a symbolic stung,

Flight beyond shape, smell and color

in Ultimate Reality, ontological,

Emerged from the wave of the horizon, from the living water,

from the holy breath, from magic, pure love

Beyond the gate of hope, so be it!

Boundless light, the winged immortality.

The light of the great fire dark-released,

through pain and toil, the star in you

Through its own struggle, your handcuffed star

will flourish in a new life, through Me.


Shakti (is dancing singing)

- Golden drops of the cosmic orchestra,

spiral sacred geometries, quantum Soul,

The harmony of perfect morphic resonance,

hides the flower of life, wonderful body.

The light of the great dark fire, released,

through pain and toil, the star in you

Through your own struggle, your handcuffed star

will flourish in a new life, through Me.



To The Mystery Of The Totality Key Of The Plasmatic Dance Of Two Leafless Stars

On The Shortcut Of The Wormhole To Qualia Worlds


The Choir Dances - The Dance of Creation

I float on the azure sea of the sky,

Leafless Stars, sidereal waves.

I am now anchoring the ship of the soul,

On the empty shore, of the primordial world


The dream with my reality I plait,

in fractal of light, naked immensity

Portal to happiness in thought I step,

Is reality a dream or my dream is reality?


Lovers kindle in eternal longing.

They coupled die in longing, two by two

The small world- I entire am flying now,

on waves of - Abyss, eternelly towards you all


Rusty suns are now fading on the branch.

A quantum soul in an eternal flight.

And we will be, we are and we were,

The same flight we are, of eternal longing.


Atman Zamolxis (is dancing singing)

-Inside myself and out, I’m crying,

Tears swarm of stars in the portal,

Leaf eyelids at dusk

enclosed between fractal crosses,


Leafless quasars cry naked,

Pulsars shook the leaf off the branch.

Flies the empty soul through us

By crying, I don't have any more stars.


The longing soul flies with us,

Ruby extinct stars appear to us ...

Coupled two by two,

Lovers kindle in fever.


Rusty suns light up on the branch

A soul in an eternal flight ...

We will be too ... we were too,

The same flight of eternal longing.


Golden drops of qualic Soul,

The harmony of the cosmic orchestra,

The life flower in a wonderful body.

The buds of the morphic resonance,


spiral sacred geometries hide,

The dark light of the great fire,

released, by pain, by thought,

Will bloom again, your handcuffed star


Shakti (is dancing singing)

- I float longingly, flight- thought

to the sky, to leafless stars.

I am soothed ceaselessly by a longing

a thought hidden through a dream of wicked fairies;


I'd like to understand him, but I don't know him.

for it is far away, it is in the stars

and only the stars recognize it.

I steal immortality now from them.


I float out of longing, I refly

in unform, out of leafless stars.

I hear eternal pulsars of longing

they are the empty thoughts of mine.


I go up stealthly, the unseen ladder

To smell what no one could.

To taste the sweet burden

To see the Mystery in a star!


I float through longing, I fly again

Sizeless, dead merged stars.

Where time cries out too I’m dying,

Mortal time, the quasars living through stars


On eternal dream wings;

Leaves of thoughts empty of time

Stop forever in the Abyss.

They resurrect - Immortal Longing in Olympus.



To Spiritual Revival Through Love Key

I Shakti, Isis, The Phoenix Bird, I Resurrect With Longing Through The White Hole


Atman Zamolxis (is dancing with Shakti singing)

- I can't grow grey,

with my heart much too thoughtless,

With the childish smile,

and I want to spite the death!


I also long for happiness,

I have a thought, which doesn’t leave me;

The soul gone in immortality,

when she was looking for me at home!


And hungry am I and burning of thirst,

For everything I haven't lived, stolen,

For mysteries, light in the locks of hair,

living in the unplayed play!


Me to grow old? I can not! I swear to you!

Joy sings to me in front of the gate;

I remain the mature-immature one,

Who framed childhood!


Shakti (singing)

- I’m Your Dream, Your Symphony,

I will be your spring

Forever and ever, the only One

You who enlighten, you will be the unique One


I love eternally your Light

Shadowless, I'll sing

To chase away the darkness of Light.

Out of the freedom of the heart.


My love, great God

My endless rainbow

The dream come true,

Intention from infinity


- The destiny of your own sweetheart,

The sun of the shady morning,

Will follow you forever

God, too strong


Forever and ever, the only One

who enlighten, you will be the unique One

you will be my spring

The dream, my Symphony.


Atman Zamolxis (singing for Shakti)

Because I LOVE YOU, I would do anything

I will give you my heart, my life,

Because I LOVE YOU, I will be anything

To be my light, to be my guide.


Because I LOVE YOU, my heart a portal

Honey, please come in, in my essence

Because I LOVE YOU, I will be fractal

To be my light, to be my guide.


Shakti (excited is dancing singing with Zamolxis)


-A love a heart, as it was in the beginning

We are one with the Source of Peace, in freedom,

The Light of Truth, the eternally reborn one

We melt into it, in the eternal reality.


The choir is dancing

The sun called by us,

An arrow flies through you,

The Queen of the Throne rises.

The knot of the goddess Isis through the cloud,

Flashes on Ra, live longing,

Protected by Sirius' sweetheart!


When Orion mournfully resounds

And the Way is only a song

The Nile in the sky, tears of moon

And the Phoenix bird is in the wind


Osiris alive, reborn,

From the goddess’ word,

Through the tears of the Nile

Osiris dead, immortal!

Under Amenti of the Pyramids.

Patronizes Orion’s beloved!


When Sirius longingly resounds

The virgin blows gentle wind,

Immortality, crazy love

And Queen Isis is in the thought,


Zamolxis longingly flees,

Rushly under the mountains, flows,

The Garment of the Throne’s mother.

The kiss of the goddess steals in flight,

Under the Sea, pyramids, live longing,

Marduk, for the goddess of Sirius!


To the ancestral Dacia

Zamolxis like the wolf in the wind,

Immortals in a mad battle,

Mother, Isis, gives them a boost


Shakti's Dance


The sun now invoked by us,

Bridge over the quantum field, in the valleys,

Wanders nowhere hai-hui

I darted in flight again,

From the white of the snows

To love the Sky’s (White-star of the) Blue.


When the Ocean of Life resounds

And vibrates in harmony in spiral song,

The wisdom of love, crazy

I, the goddess Shakti, plasma in the wind,


Phoenix, I’ve resurrected again

From the Ocean of Creation in the Word

I get up out of nowhere hai-hui

I will create in flight again

From the white of the snows

And now I see the White Star (Blue) of time.


When the ocean of silence resounds

And the waves give birth only to a thought,

Isis, the symphony of life, from the moon

I, the bird Phoenix, immortality sing to you.



ROMANESCU SALOMEEA holds a PhD in the History of International Relations and European Integration - European Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries and Postgraduate European Studies - Center International pour la Formation Europeenne - International Center for European Training (CIFE), Nice, France and Department of Political Science and European Affairs, University of Cologne, Germany. He has a European Master in Human Rights and Democratization - Human Rights and the Democratization Process. University of Padua. He is interested in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding for Representatives of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, UNITER Geneva, - UN, Landegg Academy, Switzerland, studied 24 foreign languages including Sanskrit and Hindi - through studies at the National Institute of Languages and Oriental Civilizations, France, University of Bucharest. She is interested in creating a new integrative theory of knowledge that brings together the natural, social, applied sciences, worldview and ethics that will lead to the creation of an international system that will create peace through literary work dedicated to the theory of everything but also through thesis of Postgraduate Academic Studies in International Relations and European Integration, National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest and studies of spirituality and quantum medicine, in the training of the leaders of the world spiritual-informational elite, communism, cosmology, history of religions. Her theory is applied in her poetic work but also in her profession of Business Advisor, Coordinator Training Cycle and training of trainers in the field of management of structural instruments and European affairs, Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of European Integration. She was a teacher inspector, Ministry of National Education. She has published Poems for children - Poems for children, philosophical poetry in numerous Anthologies with philosophical poetry awarded first place nationally and internationally. The poem of the healing of humanity encrypts the Theory of Everything capable of secreting a peaceful, integrated societal model of earthly soul happiness.


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