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Paradise Trail


My spirit soared high and tried

a place in paradise to find,

where waters crystal-clear spring

and muses meet their nests to weave!

I followed Ulysses’trail,

and met sirens plenty along the way!

They wanted me to leave

my paradise dream

the fate of the Clashing Rocks to meet!

The white dove my friends became

And to the stars they led me straight!

The Gods agreed and they decreed

this Land to bless and all within!

That which mortal hands should touch

will be embraced by Olymbians doves!

And when the torch of intellect lights up

Then will this Land a paradise become!

Olive branches will blossom all around

everyone a child of the earth,

colours and hues the world will crown

brushstrokes applied by brotherly hands.

Hands will clasp each other tight

bodies in embrace will unite,

all will fight for life

And will live in paradise!



The Colors Of Your Lake


I fell in love with the colors of your lake,

water lilies dancing in the wave…

My hands into your waters longingly I dipped

some droplets onto my dry scorched lips to bring!

Your Doric form reflected

 into my cupped hands

Smiling like Narcissus

as it stands!

Playing tricks with the water

as it blends!


And then, one with the drops

I become!

A water lily swinging

in the wave!

A color from the much

beloved lake!

A fairy in the sky

 flying away!



The Advent Of Your Blossom


Once you came, my bruises into blossoms turned!

You came…And the rusty beatings of my heart

to sound like melodies began!

Yes, you came!

And I navigate my life through the sea routes of your eyes...

In your crystal blue embrace,

The troubled world I dream over

You came!… On my dreams tenderly you tread,

with your love you obliterate my life mistakes.

I am alive!…when you hold your hand in mine.

I feel alive when your velvet lips touch mine!

I clearly see… how it all begins anew,

To broken words you give shape

Yes!…the time for love to thrive came!



Orphic Rite


Eternal symbol of beauty,

mythical form of Orpheus.

Divine spirit of Nature’s force!

Maenad, enveloped in lascivious dances

and occult arts that entrance the mortals!


I witnessed your art

I heard your melody,

I tried my hand again and again

before becoming privy to your secrets.


But your music faded away!

And I lost the melody

and I lost my way!


I asked Tantalus to give me water

to quench my thirst

while Sisyphus stopped dragging his rock

to help me get some rest.


Pluto and Eurydice

were moved by my woes!

They showed me the way

out of the underworld…

I wonder what the point was.


There is but such a short distance between

the two worlds.

The quest for your form is ever present!

I look for your voice amidst the buzz of sounds.



Dream Maiden


Dream maiden, goddess beloved

your throne I set deep in my soul

the world comes alive by the light of your eyes

Nature blossoms and dances.

I bathe in the torrent of your hair

and my soul into your arms spreads,

a threshold to a soaring of emotions,

a threshold to a world of dreams

graced by the songs of muses,

melodies  from harps and Pan’s flute as accompaniment.

Like a siren you enchanted me

and held me close to you, my fair city

to live in a world of reverie

and to forego my Ulyssean adventures

in this life and the Clashing Rocks

that stand in my way…

And like a dove you lead me onwards …

Away from the rocks and like a star

you shine the way until I come

into your arms to lose myself

and so the journey begins anew…

Dream maiden, goddess beloved

City of dreams.




RANIA ANGELAKOUDI lives most of the time in Greece. She was born in a small town in Sweden and dreaming of became a painter. She studied everything about great painters. At the same time she started introducing herself in poetry writing some two or three lyrics as a teenager. Later on at university she studied English Literature and language. This helped her to learn most of the famous international poets. In combination with the Greeks created her own poetic path receiving many international awards such as ’The Icon of World Peace’, gave her the title of Peace Ambassador for her numerous poems dedicated to peace and human rights, The Pride of Globe ’and many other  national awards. The most important in 2015 under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of Culture based in Ankona. She was awarded in a special ceremony at Museo della citta as the unique Greek poetess who received this honour. In January 2017 the Association of Journalists Fijet based in France announced her to become a member in honour to her international success. From then she is an active journalist as well in addition to her teaching career. She has contribute work to a number of national and international anthologies. Her books can be found in the central historical libraries in Stockholm at Stadsbiblioteket and Kulture huset.  She is an active environmentalist, supporter of human rights and peace in the world.


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