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And A Child !!! ...


He has a weight on his small shoulders that goes beyond the dream his only owner I would like it to be, imagine the thought that repeats his mind over and over as he reasons like a dignified man in giving honor to bread on the imaginary table but a piece of bread is tight hard in the small hands that have the signs of a destiny forced by those who are not known.

And I keep repeating why even knowing that why is a one-way question and we are multidimensional.

But all responsible this is an undeniable fact.

All those who have allowed so far the state of things that a real man, only one in the world would be enough to stop the human slaughter of children that no one would like to see again in this scenario but equally true that no one is ready to lift a finger and impose a stop to increase thus.

I would like to see in the face of a child a smile that also takes its place on the sleepy and dreamy face of that child from whom they have stolen the most beautiful thing of children in the world and of all times ...

serenity ...


Gypsy Soul.


The gypsy soul is free as the air

he has music, dance and party in his heart

unveiling the mysteries of the world has in mind, cheerful, kind, warrior has a varied life.

The gypsy soul always wants to change invents and uses to do everything with his hands, creativity, aroma of flowers magic of tomorrow

through the centuries the gypsies are testimony of history

with the gypsy soul he captures what others do not see

travel in time across the universe

taking with him something that has been lost

by those who live conditioned and do not believe in freedom

because everyone is closed in his own thought is not open like the gypsy soul to the whole world.


My Father's Hands.


A soul with a humble feeling,

communicates moments of meditation.

Hand appears furrowed, the other holds,

it gives relief, energy holds.

Now they give each other courage

hand enclosed the defenseless protects. Expressed in the transcendental duality of the irreplaceable essence of spirituality

of the two hands united soul and mind intrinsic enveloping force.


Marked by cracks that time has forged. History ... having always loved

so much and so much in the daily pain to transform love offered by his hand! Time to turn carefully

admire hands that convey emotion, it is meaningful to draw exemplary virtues

gift for everyone and loved ones.

Artistic life in prayer, hands

they project, who has faith and hopes, into tomorrow.


You too, my brother, by way of prayer

hands to give the world emotion

with true feeling from the heart

universal name that of Love.


Inspiration from an artistic drawing by the Argentine sculptor Ángel Guiñazu




ELISA MASCIA: Born in Santa Croce di Magliano (Cb), on 13/04/1956, she lives and works in San Giuliano di Puglia (Cb). She has participated in various national and international poetry competitions obtaining awards, certificates of participation, merit and honorable mentions. She receives invitations and convocations to multiple international and world events, commemorative and themed events in which she participates. In July 2019 the first collection of unpublished poems was published in a book entitled "The Grater of the Moon" by the publisher L'inedito Letterario with the editorial by Fabio Martini. She participated in IX of the XXXIV editions of the Histonium Prize, in 2019 with the Silloge of 10 unpublished poems inspired by 10 paintings by the great artist and poet Erminio Girardo n. on 12-7-1924 The book of poems Savage Wind of the original in English by the poet Asoke Kumar Mitra. Since February 15, 2020 she is registered with WikiPoesia During the DÍA mundial de la Poesía event she was given a space on Krysol online radio by her director Manuel Antonio Rodriguez Retamal She is registered Movimiento Poetas del Mundo. Since March 2020, Krysol continues online with the selection of many guests poets and artists from the world and has been appointed responsible for the co-conduction of the program to promote culture. It is part of the volunteer project of voice donor "Una voce del buio" and "Teatro al buio" by Pietro La Barbera. Present in numerous national and worldwide anthologies and e-books She was named Lady of the Rainbow by Professor Teresa Gentile Ambassador of culture. The poet and writer Elisa Mascia is a new author of Alessandria today by Pier Carlo Lava in the context of an Alexandria development and enhancement plan today the poet and writer Elisa Mascia is a new component of the editorial staff. She was appointed Grihaswamini Ambassador to Italy.

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