Monday, February 1, 2021





N0 Goodbyes


The beauty of life can be seen in white

Story of endless love are given life

Unforetold journey will make us ignite

To live in the moment amid the strife.


Tomorrow is uncertain to behold

As long as we hold and keep our promise

Beautiful mornings will be our threshold

Vow of no goodbyes will be our premise.


Let us savor the moment while it lasts

Set aside worries and let faith decide

Let’s hold on to love and make it steadfast

Remember no goodbyes will be our guide.


Let us remember in our mind and heart

Our endless love will not make us depart.


Hold Me In Your Arms


The beautiful and albeit rocky life

Where battle of the brilliant minds exists

Fate moves and crosses the path of dire strife

Whimsical destiny thrives to persists


Mystical fate plays with the hands of time

Souls dance to a beautiful life of dreams

Drowned in the deep rivers of love sublime

Whispered verses of love beneath moonbeams



Suddenly, fate became cold and hostile

Beautiful moments perished in a glance

The dreams became meaningless and futile

My journey is now bereft of substance.


I wish that I could bring back all the charms

I just wanted to be held in your arms.


A Beautiful Journey Of Tomorrow


You are the wonderful gift from above

The missing piece in life I longed to find

In this beautiful journey that we wove

Our hearts and minds were graciously entwined


The mystic fate waves its wand to our hearts

Spellbound, the fires of passion rekindled

Our lives were ignited and made it spark

Unforetold story will never dwindle


My Love, life is full of great excitement

Each day promises a new beginning

Dream of lifetime will be our fulfillment

Celebrate the love that’s overwhelming


My love, let’s treasure this wonderful gift

We hold in our hearts, makes our souls uplift




LUZVIMINDA GABATO RIVERA is from the Philippines. She is a multi – awarded and best selling author, an excellent international journal reviewer and multi-awarded researcher. She finished her postgraduate’s courses with academic distinction and academic excellence award such as the Doctor of Public Administration (her 6th degree) and took up units leading to a Bachelor of Law. She has published five books namely: A Gift,  A Gift II , composed of 71 poems and translations of her A Gift in 5 series to 23 languages of 17 countries, , Crossroads : A Poets Life Journey –4th Anthology of Motivational Strips composed of 83 World’s Best Poets , A Memoir of Love – A Quadrilingual ( English, Italian, Frencch and Spanish) in various poetic forms (free verse, haiku, rhyme scheme, sonnet and tanka) and Love Spell – A Collection of Sonnets in Asian and European Languages.  All five books became rank 1 among best sellers in Amazon.  Her books namely, A Gift III and Poets Unify World – 6th Anthology of Motivational Strips will be published before the year ends.  In addition, her poems were published in International E-Zines and magazines. She has received multiple recognitions and the latest is for her literary excellence at par with global standards by Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya Academy of India and 50th Independence Day of Nigeria by Inked with Magic. Currently, she was promoted as Administrator for Philippine Office and one (1) of the four (4) approving editors of Bharath Vision website magazine based in India.


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