Monday, February 1, 2021




Space Of Love


In a time of

megalomaniac aspirations,

versus the heavy tying

end to end,

we chose to live

in two rooms.

We often say - They are

our little paradise.


Here even the walls


our loneliness,

and the silence enchants

with its healing calmness.


The air exhales

intoxicating sensuality,

and the floors evaporate

under the ubiquitous infatuation.


Here our duality

blissfully lives its catharsis

into trinity.


In the newly discovered

essence of the reality

our new vitality

exalts affection.


In the peacefulness of the love,

both rooms’ space

grows to space lessness.



in our paradise island

is a sequence of the time


in timelessness.




With a whisper of a prayer

I went to bed

grateful for the smile of the dream.


Music with a new sound

spilled across

the new room of the enjoyment.


The thread of the self-fulfillment

heated to a red-hot glowing

so I opened the window of the bliss

to dance endlessly with the serenity

on the illuminated podium

with an atrium of cheerful flowers.


In the notebook

from the first kitchen drawer

this recipe for happiness

also will find its place.




Someone else's shrieks

are mine screams

(although my name

is not a Bird).



dancing hand in hand with the birds

in the middle of my home

I will rejoice and have fun.


I'm not afraid

of the thunderstorm –

even the lightning melts

in the Sun.


Translation from Macedonian into English: Vesna Mundishevska-Veljanovska




VESNA MUNDISHEVSKA-VELJANOVSKA born in 1973 in Bitola (Macedonia) is a member of the Macedonian Writers' Association, Macedonian Sciencе Society – Bitola and Bitola’s Literary Circle. She is the author of 13 books of poetry, two books of critical-essay texts, co-author of a poetry book for children and the author and co-author of 6 vocational books for teachers. Her poetry has been translated into many languages and represented in anthologies. She has won numerous poetry awards. She is editor of the Journal of Culture – Literature, Drama, Film and Publishing - “Sovremeni dijalozi”/ “Contemporary Dialogues” (issued by Macedonian Science Society), and was the editor of the Journal of Literature, Art and Culture “Rast”/ “Growth”, a member of the Macedonian Science Society’ Editorial Council, editor-in-chief od “Sovremeni dijalozi”/ “Contemporary dialogues” and editor of about thirty poetry and prose books. She was secretary of the Bitola’s Literary Circle, as well as president of the Literature and Culture Association "Development" – Bitola and of the Literary Youth of Macedonia – Bitola. She has become Ambassador of Peace in Cercle Universel Des Ambassadeurs De La Paix - Suisse/France since 2016.

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