Monday, February 1, 2021








In fear of loss

I wander in words

By all the senses I have within me

What will I do after you?

Is the essence I am writing about

What am I going to do?

I don't have that answer,

I'm looking for you alive,

I am dead after you, it will be all

And all my senses will die,

That fear of the situation after you,

It provokes everything in me

I finally understood in fear of loss

That fountain from which I drink

Paralyzes my reality

And all the senses are scattered

I am in panic,

As if end of the world is coming,

As if in front of my nose Noah's ark leaves,

And without you I will not jump into it,

Why salvation without you,

There is no one to impregnate me,

Why there should be a field and a furrow

Without your seed ...



I Dream Awake


I dream awake, tenderness

And gentle words that love me,

I am vulnerable to them,

The beasts cut like vultures on new carrion,

To start rotting, they fly in a circle,

In that dream, I give them my hand,

There is no fear.


O Eyes! Please save me and protect through all,

Don't be mean, it's just you,

Salvation in that bloody feast.


I dream, awake and the dream is awake,

In the wake of sobriety,

You give me salvation,

Your left hand rescues me,

And you write for me with you right hand

Death sentence.


Keep it simple, I say, in the last letter,

I scream for enlightenment,

There is no revenge, I leave that to God!



Mutilated Flight


Every word of yours,

Was a scourge on my wounded soul.


Naked in front of you,

I expected protection,

Because I gave it all to you and you,

You stoned me as sinless

Which clashes with faith and your word,


You stigmatize me as a sinner,

You stigmatize me as a prostitute

And actress derogatory.


It hurts me!

Over and over again!

Does it still hurt? I will never tell you!

I just want to believe that your hand hurt too

After stoning,

Don't your lips burn after the insult?


You are finally aware,

Yes; the stone with which you stoned me,

Is still hovering in the air,

Stopped by His hand for a decision.


And I pray to Him to forgive you,

It is my canine loyalty.

Some birds are afraid of taking off,

It seems to them that the sky is narrow,

For two birds and two flights in altitude.


The ignorant and the young take it lightly

Always one bird flies first to lead the others.





MARIJA NAJTHEFER POPOV was born in Serbia, on March 11, 1958. Until now, she has been published in more than a hundred joined, domestic and international poetry collections; published in several domestic and foreign journals and translated into several languages. In 2018 she published the book" I WRITE A WOMAN” This poetic volume elucidates on the world of women, as creative, as existence and love, as elegance and meaning that refers to and gives all the colors of life. The author, within her poetic mission, sees art as a spirit of freedom and lyricism, nature as a trace of that glitter that enables the merging of its elements with the spiritual world. The author has received many international evaluations and has been translated into many foreign languages. She is currently preparing for future publications, and is engaged in other synergies, in various cultural magazines and international anthologies. She lives and creates in Zrenjanin, Serbia.

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