Monday, February 1, 2021





Don't Ever Blame Me


Don't ever dare to blame me for hating you

When you pelted stones

At the flower that I made of myself

For your sole enjoyment!


Don't ever dare to blame me for

Opening up my wings

And flying far beyond the seas

There where you shall never

Be able to reach out

To bring me back!


Don't ever dare to blame me for

Pushing off your hands off me

And turning my face away from

A simple peck on the cheeks


You have made of me

A product,

Meant to be disposed of

At any time,

Replaceable and easily obtained

From store shelves!


Don't ever blame me for hating you

For you have done everything that you could

To melt the love that I held for you

Into droplets of water

Which evaporated into thin air!


Don't ever blame me

If I treat you as I would do with a mere


When, I held you

As the God I was destined to revere

In this world,

The one because of whom

I got my meaning and my cause!

In The Castle Of My Heart


In the castle of my heart

Windows have been shut

Doors have been locked

And pages have been turned!


What was meant to be

Shall remain

As a mere memory

Held in a frame

Somewhere in a room

Whose access points

Are known only to me!


In the castle of my heart,

Parties are held when the moon is full

And they bear in their essence

The mystical auras of Existence,

That same which stipulate

That love cannot be

Except if willed by the skies

And still, if it is rebuked,

It is meant to be forgotten,

For, forever!


There, I sit,

As calmly as would a Queen,

Having realised that life is a gift

Only for those still ignorant

In spiritual knowledge

And I write of the tunes

That nature plays for me

While I wait

For the skies to open up

And to welcome me

In their own eternal scenes!




I wish,

I could shed off my body

As if it were a petal easily

Plucked off a flower!



I would then choose

To merge with flying molecules

To discover the truth of our origin

There, in between the folds

Of the skies,

There where the borders of

The different worlds lie

There, where the road towards

The castle that I yearn for, lies!


I wish,

I could shed off my body

As if it were a song

Which my tired ears have had

Enough of hearing

And which I could easily switch off,

Or even delete, from my list!



The life given to me

Is the one chosen by the higher powers

But then,

It need not necessarily be the one

That I would have chosen for myself!



I am well aware that the burdens

That inhabit me are the same in each being,

And that self love

Is even more important since

I claim to love the power that bid me be!


But I seek freedom,

As the ways of this world have had me

All worn out and feeling like

I don't belong!



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