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The Light ...


I'm always looking for you in me

I've been looking for you since

I was born in the spring of my birth

May 12, holy symbol

Let me not forget the 12 Apostles

by The Lord Jesus Christ chosen


I'm looking you

In the all poems of geniuses

I'm looking for you

In their homelands

I'm looking for you in the stars

Among the leaden clouds

In the moonlight and the bright night

of the rays stars

At the parents' house

Light, I'm looking for you

In the morning dew and flowers

I'm looking for you in bird songs

In the murmur of hurried springs

I'm looking for you in the sun

On moonlit nights


From the places of my childhood

I'm looking for you in the babbling of babies

Fewer and fewer are born …


I look for you in the psalms the sacred paintings

I often look for you in the poem Evening Star

Of the great genius Mihai Eminescu

Love for Catalina, the pure girl

Like a Mother Holy Virgin Mary.

© Daniela Marian - Iasi, Ro





Her eyes filled with joy like a spring,

as if he had lived his childhood again.

She was beautiful and hardworking a balm.

She wore pastel dresses with floral embroidery

She was so beautiful and enlightened

During the holy holidays used to put on veil

on his head made of silk with tassels

He looked up at the sky and prayed

"Recite a few psalms"

The sky a hers flooded with light

The sun appeared at the window with rays

In rooms scented with basil

My mother hugged us with her fine arms,

"My adored children" he whispered

I looked puzzled at the buds

They applauded after the raindrops

A candle flickered on a pedestal

Hanging under a the icon

Sparks were heard from time to time

They enjoyed their mother's gaze

A cat visited the garden next to the house

He stepped on a dry branch

In an innocent game

He woke all the butterflies from sleep

I ran with them through the meadow

A deer a came to drink the dew

at mornings the from tenderness of flowers

They were like sparkles, like colored spheres

They shone so brightly

They turned into stars then they climbed

smoothly on the silver wire

A butterfly caught a sphere with its wings

He stopped on my eyelashes and whispered to me

"You are a miracle child."

I had learned not to touch them

for they too were the wonders of the earth

They adorned him like a prince's cloak.

My mother was a love

and an indescribable enlightenment.

I need my mother like the air of the sky.

You need your mother like the air of the sky.

A March 8 poem dedicated to my mother

For all mothers on earth this poem.

© Daniela Marian - Iasi, Ro



The Hermit's Glade


I looked up nostalgically at the sky

It had rained a lot that hot summer,

As if it were a beaded fairy tale.

The sky had cleared and a rainbow

Appeared which projects with gaze on

Eye lashes of me eyes;

He smiled at me, and suddenly

Seemed to blind me to his eyes

He seemed an untouched groom

of some reason of the evil that lurks

A tear from him fell to my eyelashes

It dripped on the red cheeks and scorched

by the hot and ruthless sun.

His colors looked like my dresses

I her wore as a child

The flowers on them seem to have been cut

For this glade with three crosses surrounded

By tall fir trees where an old hermit lives

We were climbing that meadow so fast

Anyone else would not have found it.

We climbed of the meadow with children

From the glade to the hermitage.

He blesses us, and we do learn

”do not to break the flowers from the meadow.

Beautiful! Not from here, not from other places.

They are the flowers of the rainbows that pray

for the unborn babies".

A torrential downpour rushed through the sun.

One lightning cracked in the shape of a cross

One almost dry tree

The crosses lit up as if burning

of blinding a light

Great sign from heaven!

Everything brightened...

A pastel-colored rainbow appeared. (I)

© Daniela Marian - Iasi, Ro



DANIELA MARIAN - born on May 12, 1963 of Roznov, Romania;- She works in University”Gr.T.Popa” Iasi- Graduate of the „University Mihail Kogalniceanu” - Faculty of Law - specialization in Legal Sciences, Iasi-  Graduate at Eurocor Institute, European School branch, Bucharest - Diploma in complementary therapies - Postgraduate course in Menegement Medical Informatics and Biostatistical at University ”Gr.T.Popa” Iași;- Certificate of competence of assistant analyst-programmer at the Territorial Center for IT Computing in Iași;- Competencies: Certificate of data controller at the Territorial Center for Electronic Computing IT in Bacau; She has published poems in several anthologies and magazines in the country and in other countries.- Award: Diploma of Excellence for the promotion of Romanian Culture and Spirit in the Centennial Year in the Living Flame of Our Great Union (1918-2018) Iasi, Romania

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