Tuesday, June 1, 2021







Dishonesty flows

like a scattered eye pencil

on the face of humanity.


Nonsense fabrications undermine

the tormenting silence that burns,

frivolous shoot the self-consciousness,

incompetent multipliers wipe out

the functions of the equations,

smeared zeros ripen on the apples

from the cheeks of the meanness...


The burnt blackness flows into its outflow

at the bottom of the coffee cup of the pronunciation.

With a bitter taste on my lips

I fall asleep the indecisiveness.



Sound Hunters


With folded sleeves

we catch sounds

in the spider web of fading memories

in the corners of the shattered house

where the drought is a conductor,

and the window wings - the instrument

to overpower emotions.


I'm not for mere facade painting,

nor for illegal construction

on the detuned ideals.


No modern construction

cannot germinate on undermined foundations.





In the center of the rectangle,

between the parallels

of the world and the century,

the impersonal man is blind

even for his own awareness

which passes him by quickly.


The departed mirage

sheds the sun's rays and

camouflages in a white snake.


At the top

on the dotted line

from the height of the destiny's portal,

guard of wingless angels


for their own resurrection.





VESNA MUNDISHEVSKA-VELJANOVSKA born in 1973 in Bitola, Macedonia, is a member of the Macedonian Writers' Association, Macedonian Science Society – Bitola (MSS) and Bitola’s Literary Circle. She is the author of 13 books of poetry, 2 books of literary reviews, co-author of a poetry book for children and co-author of 6 vocational books for teachers. Her poetry has been translated into many languages and is represented in anthologies. She has won numerous poetry awards. She is editor of the Journal of Culture - Literature, Drama, Film and Publishing – “Sovremeni dijalozi”/ "Contemporary Dialogues" (published by MSS) and was editor of the Journal of Literature, Art and Culture “Rast”/ "Growth", several literary buletins and over 30 poetry books and collections. She was President of the Literature and Culture Association "Razvitok" - Bitola and of the Literary Youth of Macedonia – Bitola, as well as secretary of the Writers' Association “Bitola’s Literary Circle”.


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