Tuesday, June 1, 2021







Here I am looking at the sky again

And I don't care if it rains or not

I'm fine, my old lady

Everything around me is beautiful

and almost everything is the same as with you

It's Spring here too

And flowers are blooming

And the sky is blue and high

And people are the same

Some sit in front of their houses

They read a book or a newspaper

They drink their morning coffee and smile contentedly

Others are rushing, chasing, grabbing somewhere

Cowards and brave

Clean and decent

Honorable and frauds

Everything is the same as there

The best are mediocre and folly ..

Are you waiting for me, my old lady?

I know you know I won't come to you

Don't light a candle

Don't pray in vain that the distances don't hurt me tonight

Forgive me because I can't touch you

It's like you gave birth to me without arms

And I know my old lady to heal from my touch

All the desires in my chest have been trapped for years

Sometimes my own eyes want me to cry

But I feel good my old lady

And I know that's the most important thing to you

To make you happy and bring hope in tired eyes

I have all my years

I have many old days

Tired dreams

I have everything

Just everything

Don't worry my old lady

And here there are rivers and lakes

And I know that these are not the waters that quench the thirst of the soul

But don't worry

It doesn't matter which way the wind blows when the storm is ...

I grew up, my old lady

This morning I found my first gray hair

But it will be fine

Because my age is good

And bruises

And falls

And punches

And success

I'm not attached to landscapes,

for things or people

I don't have a favorite place here

Although they are all just like there

And meadows and mountains and a hill and a gorge

She was born the same

Only I am different

I don't look like anyone

I'm a stranger





Love games of winter and sun

Spring was born

Revived colors as feelings

The dawns soft as lanterns

The buds are shamelessly offered to the sun

A map of flowers on the ground

Butterflies catch light and fly their wings

Pigeons again at the window

The whole world is invited to dance

The breeze of the mythical melody sings in his chest

Mystical magic as the soul blossoms and grows

I entangled a longing in my yellow hair

I sway in the clouds blissfully

My eyes remained from the buds

It's time to grow

I want ripe fruit

And a song with a bee on my lips

The pen writes in the spring ink

I don't even remember my old love anymore ...



Beauty Of Women


The beauty of a woman is in her fragile anatomy

In her strength and her weakness

In the eyes when he laughs and when he cries

When he is silent and when he screams louder than thunder

The beauty of a woman is in the attitude

It brings every debate to perfection

Her beauty is in what she gives and receives

In what he keeps and has in his heart

She is beautiful while, as a little girl, she is being dragged

Beautiful while boys are fighting because of her at puberty

She is beautiful as her dress falls to the floor

And when she wakes up broken

When he makes coffee and guards the house

When he brings children and feeds them on his chest

When he is braver than life, he defends his heart

She is beautiful when she kisses and when she loses

When he forgives and hugs

Beautiful even when the vase on the door slams

And when he talks about what we are not

She is beautiful and deceived and abandoned

Both happy and sad

She is beautiful even when she grows old

When her life comes true

Beautiful because she is a woman

Born to be

Color and wind

Pillar and cornerstone

Wall and support

Daughter, mistress, sorceress and the most beautiful fairy tale

- Mother and mother and mother.




MARIANA QUNBAR SELMA writes under the pen name SELMA. She was born in southern Serbia, the village of Medja, Leskovac on March 22, 1969, and since 1992 she has been living and working in Israel. She writes poetry, fiction and essays. In the magazine ONA [She], she has her own column under the title, “Our Voice from Jerusalem.” She has published five books, out of which four were poetry collections, and one a novel. 1. Awakening 2016, a collection of poems, 2. Poems as Traces and Dances, 2016 a collection a poems. 3. TEMPEST (and a Breeze) 2017, a collection of poems. 4. A Fistful of Darkness 2018, a collection of poems. 5. The Woman with a Chameleon Soul 2018, a novel. 6. CONSTANTLY 2020,a novel


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