Tuesday, June 1, 2021






Prelude To Spring


The trees are standing

Dark and gray

They are waiting

For the sun

To lay on them a ray.

Behind them 

A patch of blue sky

A soft white cloud

And all around

The first birds flying high

And singing loud.

The trees are waiting

They are longing

For spring to come

And finally, to dress them.

The birds are waiting

They are looking

For a place to make a nest

And their eggs to lay.

Tulips will sprout

In a rainbow of colors

Red, orange, yellow and indigo

And many flowers

Soon will open their crown

Inundating the air

With their sweet scent.

It will happen in a blink of an eye

Nobody will notice

Nature suddenly bursts with new life

And many hearts will rejoice.



Rain Droplets


Rain droplets fell on trees

They sparkle on branches

Like many facets of a diamond

A crown of glory

Soon to fade away.

Nature rejoices at the sight

The stillness broke into dances

The dark day turned bright

The sun’s rays a delight

The bird’s chirping a welcome sound

The gentle breeze a teasing

The leaves a twirling sound 

The senses are awakened

Immersed in the moment

Filled with small miracles

We take for granted.




A Mermaid’s Longing


How I long to be sitting over the rocks 

Like a mermaid in the sea

With feet dangling inside the water 

Touching the slippery, green moss

The seaweed, the sand, and the pebble stones

That wake up the frozen blood within 

To stare at the sea and the infinite 

In the distance meet the sky

To abandon oneself to the sublime moment

To listen the murmuring waves 

While the face is caressed by the breeze

The skin coated with sea salt

To breath the pure, salty air  

Then, one by one

To throw into the depth of the sea

Sorrows and worries

The mind now clear of all its thoughts

Receives the peace in solitude

That nature gives as a gift 

To warm up that half frozen soul.





Like flowers

Beauty fades away

Time flies

Youth is left behind. 

We take it for granted

Until years later 

We gain a little wisdom 

A white hair or two 

A few extra pounds 

A little sagging skin 

A few defined lines 

A certain inner peace 

To accept the changes

And the courage to say

No matter how old we are 

Beauty is within! 





Many times, I talk to God

And question Him: 

-Lord, everybody prays

One wants this person to win

The other wants that person to win

Who do you listen to? Who do you leave happy?

Some people want it hot; some want it cold

The Lord’s work must be hard

He does not know who to listen to

He looks at those to the left

He looks at those to the right

And soon, His head will spin.

It is not easy to be impartial

Many tragedies happen through the centuries

The Jews persecution done by Hitler

The earthquakes, the floods, the storms

We think God abandons us and we say:

-Where is God when these things happen? 

Or when we pray for a healing miracle

And we do not see any improvement?

God, can You hear us? Do You listen to us?

Then we reflect and we look at things

With a different perspective

And by doing this, we notice

His hidden hand

Moving in every situation

In mysterious ways

And in the trials, we discover His divine plan.

God gives us the answer

Only the blind and the deaf

Refuse the understanding.

And when we fail to see the reason

We say: - God’s will be done!




MARY ANN VITALE is an award-winning author of children’s books and a poet. She was born in Sicily, Italy. As a young child, she moved to the United States and resides in Michigan. At the age of forty-nine, she was inspired to write her first story for her granddaughter, Simon, the Red Fish. That was the beginning of her writing career. Through the years, she has published 17 children’s books in English and in Italian. Her award-winning books, The Water Lily Fairy, The Street Where the Dollar Tree Grew, and Fingerprints on the Mirror. Soon to come, her first historical books in Sicilian, Lu jornu ca u Mulinazzu chiancìu, and Accussì eranu i nostri tempi. 



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