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Liberia, Symbol of emancipation,

You closed  the Door of No Return

That drained  brothers  countless

That they had to labor, sweet and burn

In  the   plantations atrocious,

And opened the Door of Return

For   limbs sans shackle to come in.

Then, why these  uniformed men?

To keep your peace?


Lavish are your woods,

In which wildlife  abounds

Fertile is your soil,

That grows  rice,  coffee ,

Rubber and  palm tree.

Affluent are your great waters

That flow fish full to the edges.

Why then  calling for a ’ keeper of peace’

Does  peace not reside in the abundance?

Melkie Admassu Bogale, 2007, Monrovia, Liberia.



I Died Heart Broken


My archenemy’s dagger

I felt not

When it stabbed my chest

And cut the throat


A tiny needle of a dear friend,

However, with a little prickin’

 On the skin from behind,

Made me die heartbroken.

      Melkie Admassu Bogale , 2008, Aksum, Ethiopia.



My Love Is True


Like this soil

That has  failed

Not  a single

Tilling generation,

Like that mountain,

Which  has stood tall

For years a million,

True is my love.


 Like the sun, the moon,

And the stars,

The brightest and

Fairest eyes

Of the endless universe,

True is my love.


Like the smoldering fire,

The freezing ice, and

The blissful Heaven

Higher and above,

 True is my love.

              Melkie Admassu Bogale , 2018, Gondar ,Ethiopia.




MELKIE ADMASSU BOGALE, born on 31 May 1983 in Ethiopia, is an  assistant professor  of Literature in English at the Department of English Language and Literature, University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia. Also, he works as a freelance editor, proofreader, translator, interpreter and English Language and  soft skills trainer. Mr. Melkie writes poems, reviews and analyses.  His poems are mostly drawn from  his personal experience.  Some of his works, including poems, were published on reputed journals like POETCRIT, an international refereed bi-annual Journal of Literary Criticism and Contemporary Poetry


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