Tuesday, June 1, 2021





 X X X


When a man

isolates himself in sleep

a woman threads

ambers of memories


She stands in a window

covered with the moon

The stars are dancing

in her eyes



in throbbing silence

she’s waiting for love



 One Night Butterfly


This evening

the candles are fading

from the tenderness


Sticky from honey words

I'm draining the goblet

flavoured with sorrow


In the morning I lost

the ability to fly



 Meditations On A Sleepless Night


Silver-eyed sat back in the chair

Made my face white

With its brilliance


Silence hung between us

finally he asked

What do you think about on this bright night


I wonder what would be

if I wasn't here

Would I be there

where it's always better

where we are not


I think what else

may happen

A little tired I'm going

ever shorter path


Where will it take me

Would it be the source

where I’ll get the Light


Would it be a surf

where none last resort

can help



KRYSTYNA GRYS: She was born and still living in Leszno. She attended the Jan Amos Komenski Pedagogical High School in Leszno. Krystyna Grys published 11 volumes of lyric poetry, 3 volumes of epigrams, 1 volume of limericks and 9 volumes of poems for children. Her poems were published in various almanacs and ranslated to a few foreign languages. Krystyna Grys received two awards of the Mayor of Leszno, the Maria Konopnicka Literary Award, the Klemens Janicki Literary Award and the Tadeusz Micinski “Phoenix” Award. Medal "For a Heart for Culture". She is a member of the Polish Writers Association in Poznan and the Culture Creators Society of Leszno. She has meetings in kindergartens, schools, the Senior Clubs.


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