Tuesday, June 1, 2021





I Let The Wind Break Me


I let the wind blow me away

Sometimes I think I'm gone,

let the wind pick me up and carry me

where I became sad ...

I wanted solitude,

and got abandoned ...

I've been listening to my dark voice for too long,

I don't know where it's lost, it's disappearing ...

I pause, and then, you know,

while the wind blows and breaks me, I dream,

on a rock where a man presents himself ...

How do I hide from my thoughts?

And my voice tells me with silence,

calm down, let the wind carry them away

through blue nostalgia ...

And someone like me, completely overwhelmed,

defeated, sunk on the shore of pain,

he never returns his smile ...

I stifle, I have no voice,

just the wind that blows me away

that dreamless distance waiting ...

I forget I'm injured,

I leave myself to leave,

they also calm down what's coming ...



In My Song


In a whisper of the heart

I smell the smell of memory.

Time travel

and you in my poem.

I was fat

all our love in our eyes

and your sensitivity in the voice,

touches his hand in the moonlight.

Long ago

years do not exist,

love is stronger than oblivion,

never smile more beautiful.

I wonder where you are?

Do you feel my song?

That happiness in your soul shines,

I dare not believe it.

This is the time

a witness of transience.

I no longer dream of you,

I don't open that door.

The heart dropped,

does not agree to wait.

Manuscripts remain,

I'm afraid of crying ...



Two Tears


I can't get over it.

Where is he now?

He took everything with him,

left pain and loneliness…

I can hide love.

I tighten my heart and keep quiet.

My days are empty,

even empty dark nights…

I'm not waiting for him anymore,

enough love is fake…

Tonight my sorrow breaks,

everything is like an ugly dream to me…

Anxiety descended on his palm.

They are not enough for me anymore

two tears and long silences…

His lips still wake me in my sleep…




GORDANA FILIPEC OSTOJIĆ, born in Loznica on June 25, 1960. Mother of two children and grandmother of four grandchildren. She is a member of the Association of Writers "Artistic Horizon" Kragujevac, and in the Writers' Club "Vukovo pero" Loznica. She publishes in international collections of love poetry and in literary magazines. It has been included in over 30 anthologies and journals. She published a book of songs "Island of Sorrow".

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