Tuesday, June 1, 2021





Two Roses


One spring we planted two roses

Both are bright red colors

And now they are next to each other so they hang out

They remind me of us, my dear.

They remind me of my early youth

And the days of our youthful happiness

When we shared kisses under the stars

Thinking that nothing will separate us.

We were separated by the life of cheaters

Only painful memories remained

Two roses, whispering to each other

About the past tense of one spring.

© Slavka Bozovic

Country: Montenegro






Poetry does not know

for borders

On the saddle of magic

flies to infinity

She is the breeze of the soul that smells intoxicating

It connects all the meridians with a ray of light.

She is the most subtle holy lyre

With notes of love

embrace the heart

Caress with your gentle fingers

and kissed the lips with the lips of the verse.

Poetry is a quiet whisper of longing

A powerful aphrodisiac of passion

Poetry is like a gorgeous flower

She is the light of the celestial sunflower.

© Slavka Bozovic

Country: Montenegro




Come Over


I'm flipping through the past tense

I miss you a lot

I am tormented by dilemmas in longing

And I would love to hug you again.

Take heart steps

I'll be waiting for you on the island of happiness

Bring me sunny bouquets.

And I hope it smells like spring.

Bring the scroll under your arm

Bring your blue eyes too

I'm expecting you, my wanderer

Let me know when you arrive.

I'll make you shirts from heaven

And a bed of white jasmine

I need your love

Come and make our dream come true.

© Slavka Bozovic

Country: Montenegro




SLAVKA BOZOVIC was born in Niksic - Montenegro. He works and creates in his hometown. She has been creating poetry since early childhood. He is a member of numerous domestic and foreign literary associations. Her works have been presented in more than 80 regional and world anthologies and joint collections, and have been translated into several world languages: English, Russian, Arabic, Indian, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Malay ... It also makes a significant contribution in electronic journals, domestic and foreign websites, as well as on radio frequencies where it is heard on all meridians. She has won many high awards at numerous domestic and international festivals. His poetry is highly ranked in the world. Slavka has been appointed captain of world poetry at the world's most visited forum "StoriMirron" Thus, the guardian of world poetry and the winner of the bronze medal for 2020. It participates humanitarianly in spreading the love of peace and tolerance of humanity. Slavka was inaugurated as an ambassador of peace for Montenegro and the winner of the prestigious award "Icon of peace." She also received the international title of Ambassador for Culture and Creativity from the International Cultural Forum for Humanity and Creativity. The Luzo-Brazilian Academy of Arts and Poetry awarded Slavka Bozovic the title of academic coordinator of Montenegro. Slavka was named "Icon of World Poetry" by the Indian Institute of Science and Art.


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