Tuesday, June 1, 2021







I want to write before I grow old and forget,

All those moments and situations I will never regret.

That night I sat on your lap facing

the window over the stars,

The sweet taste of your lips on mine,

The way your hands caressed my back

As you told me all those things,

The melting sound of your voice

making my heart skip beats.

The feeling of your arms

Surrounding me in an eternal embrace,

And a million other things,

my body, mind and soul just cannot erase.





In so many eyes I see

It's clear what to believe

That no fantasy

Can be recognized

Nor fathomed nor denied

To assimilate

Another face, with more grace

Just embrace your desires and flaws

And leave the fantasies

To become dreams so raw

That you can touch on everyday

Because you can be

Whatever you want to be

It's all within you to find a way.





In order to have peace,

You must have faith in your heart,

To have faith in your heart,

You don't have to see,

To not see is to feel,

And to feel:

You Must Love.




YINA ROJAS: Life and love enthusiastic, Yina, owner of Threaded by Rojas (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & TikTok) shares her life experiences through all forms of writing. Her writings are anywhere from traditional poetry to free verses with a punch, right where you need it. She has been writing for as long as she remembers and continues to do so because ‘when you appreciate what life has to offer every day, one can find inspiration in the smallest of things.’

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