Monday, August 1, 2022





Home is there where I can remove my mask

And be that which God bid me be;

A mere creature, imbibed with a

Creative imagination and loaded

With imperfections

That make of me,

Another one, just like so many others!


Home is the warmth that glows in my heart

When the clock ticks away as it would

But allows

Life to stand still for me,

For other than being a foreign land,

This world holds no meaning for me!

But still,

Attachment and devotion to the power

That breathed itself into me and ordered

My heart to start beating

Allows me to feel comfortable

And well grounded in my own nest!


Home is the smile that lights up on the faces

Of those whom I meet

When our eyes cross,

Aware that regardless of our tantrums,

We shall help each other cross seas and lands!


Home is a place that we choose

We conquer it instead of letting it

Conquer us

And we make of it

And offering to our closed ones!


Our Inner Homes


A house is merely a built up arrangement

Of concrete walls, roofs and floorings

It shall be filled with life

When we step into it

Instilling into it,

Our emotions, our stories, our experiences,

Everything that we go through while we tread

Upon the swampy lands of this world!


A house turns empty with time,

Those whom we love leave,

One by one,

Each at a set time

And we are left with its void

To carry upon our shoulders

As that which contains our memento!


Yet, we realize not

That our bodies are themselves,

Homes, guarding our consciousness for us

And while we care to maintain the houses we live in,

We should not forget to maintain our inner homes as well!


For when the houses shall turn empty,

We shall then turn inward

And live,

Eternally and blessed

In our own inner world!


Our Real Home


We come from somewhere

Our human mind can perceive not

We come,

Saunter along to the best of ourselves

And leave,

As swiftly as birds glide in the skyline!


What happens to us after we leave

Remains a deeply philosophical debate;

Some choose to believe we reincarnate

While others say we go to an eternal kingdom!


Our home then,

Is not that Earth as we know it

But that place which we have forgotten

And of which we should make our destination

As being our root

And as being there where we shall find,

The long sought for peace and bliss

That we could never find here!



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